Halloween 2020: How Dogs of Twitter spent the holiday

Halloween 2020 (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
Halloween 2020 (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images) /

Halloween 2020 was a good one, according to the Dogs of Twitter.

Halloween 2020 was a good one according to Dog Twitter. Many pups among the Dogs of Twitter dressed pup in their finest attire to greet little bipeds and give them treats, since it’s fun to turn the tables sometimes.

Many also shared what they were up to through pictures and posts, which added to the holiday festivity, even though things were much quieter than usual.

Since the holiday weekend was a little dampened by the recovery process of his older brother Bark-Andre Furry following a recent surgery, Deke-Henri Furry the Jack Russell Terrier went with a low-key look for his second Halloween, in a hoodie and clown wig.

Bark, meanwhile, had a laundry mishap over the weekend and accidentally dyed a load of white stuff pink thanks to tossing a red T-shirt into the washer.  (We’ve all been there, buddy.)

“Humans call this night Halloween, but I call it ‘the night kids come to your house to hug and pet you’ and it’s my favorite night!” Wilma the Snoopervisor commented.

Wilma dressed up as a spooky witch this year, and she had to babysit her annoying cat sister Mabel, but overall it was a good night.

PeytonReads held the Puppy Book Club meeting on Saturday afternoon this week so she could watch her cat siblings while Mom and Aunt Sara passed out candy to small humans that night.

Their friend Canadian Penny agreed to be a banana to please Mom, but she felt thoroughly ridiculous doing so. Still, she was a good sport for playing along.

Right up until the morning of Halloween 2020, Rookie the Batdog wasn’t sure what he was going to dress up, preferring to let his cousin Dash (who will start his batdog duties next year, assuming there is a minor league baseball season) pick first.

Rookie’s tended to go with superhero costumes most of the time in the past, which is hard to go wrong with. (If you’d like to know the latest on what’s happening with superhero movies/TV, see our sister site Bam Smack Pow.)

Though we couldn’t find the specific photo we spotted over the weekend while putting this story together, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s dog joined the family Star Wars cosplay as Baby Yoda (Bitey Yoda), joining Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rey and Darth Vader.

Also jumping into the Star Wars realm were noted nerdy doggos Bunsen the Science Dog and his little sister Beaker the Science Pup, as the Mandoglorian and Bitey Yoda. (Their dad Jason was Jango Fett and human brother Adam was an unknown Mandalorian).

Bunsen and Beaker also ran a costume contest over the weekend that had a bunch of great entries, including a Coca-Cola polar bear with his Coke bottle, a mini horse strewn with Christmas lights to become a horsefly, and Wilma the Snoopervisor wearing a bunch of fruit on her head for some reason.

Perfect Parker dressed up as a skeleton, and he even got a card from his cat friends Enzo and Johnny (who are an honorary part of Dog Twitter). Getting mail is always fun, especially since it featured Snoopy and Woodstock.

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From all of us here at Dog O’Day, we hope you had a fantastic and safe Halloween 2020, whatever your plans were.