Canadian Penny on historical research, rescue dog life and Dog Twitter

Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's mom
Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's mom /
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Canadian Penny
Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny’s family /

Canadian Penny is the premier historian among the Dogs of Twitter.

There are a lot of niches among the Dogs of Twitter, and the title of “expert historian” goes to Canadian Penny, a rescue dog who shares  interesting fun facts about Canada each Monday.

She can be followed on Dog Twitter at the handle @CanadianPenny1, and is a member of various canine clubs on there. She’s also a big sports fan and proponent of frequent walks, opposed to the existence of squirrels, and is working on her dogtorate in napping studies.

She is good friends with fellow Ontario rescue pupper PeytonReads, and recently made a guest appearance on Puppy Book Club.

We got the chance to chat with Canadian Penny via email earlier this week to learn more about her life and research.

Dog O’Day – Could you tell us a little about yourself? 

Canadian Penny – I’m an 8-year-old rescue dog who lives in Canada’s capital city, which is Ottawa. One of the things I love about Ottawa is that we get the full four seasons! This means it’s nice and warm in summer and in fall, winter, and spring I get to wear my snazzy hoodies! Also sometimes when I’m happy my tail makes full circles like a helicopter – I love to make hearts flutter with that one!

So you were a rescue dog; why should more people look into that route when looking to add a dog to their family?

Rescue dogs are so grateful to have a second chance, that they give their family so much love in return. Every day I make a point of showing how happy and relieved I am to be in my forever home! Rescue dogs can also be very unique – my DNA recently revealed that I am part Beagle, Poodle, Border CollieIrish Setter and Westie! So you never know what surprises you might get!

How did you get your name? The Canadian penny was discontinued a little before you were born, right?

The last Canadian penny was struck in Canada in May 2012, and the penny meant a lot to my mom. When they adopted me at the shelter in June of that year, my name was Sweetie…I think that name was fitting, don’t you think?! I have copper spots on me, including one the size of a penny on my back, so my new family decided to name me Penny as a tribute to the Canadian coin. I even have one of the last 2012 pennies on my collar, for good luck!