PeytonReads birthday cause for celebration for Dogs of Twitter

PeytonReads the German Shepherd/Husky mix. Photo provided by Cathy Easter.
PeytonReads the German Shepherd/Husky mix. Photo provided by Cathy Easter. /

PeytonReads birthday was a cause for celebration among the Dogs of Twitter.

Dog Twitter was abuzz yesterday, Wednesday, June 24, because of PeytonReads birthday party taking place.

PeytonReads is a German Shepherd/Husky rescue dog living in Ontario, Canada, and she hosts the weekly Puppy Book Club each Saturday night, serving as a sort of canine version of LeVar Burton during his Reading Rainbow days.

Besides being a huge advocate for children’s literacy, she also loves all things Disney (especially the Frozen movies), and she’s a super fan of Taylor Swift’s music and Supergirl. She also enjoys watching football on TV.

Peyton is also an active part of the Dog Twitter community, and so for her birthday her friends among the Dogs of Twitter went all-out in celebrating, most of them sending cards depicting her hanging out with Elsa and Anna in their castle in Arendelle.

Peyton turned 7 in human years, which is roughly equal to 49 in dog years.

Among her presents was a super crunchy chew toy bone, and a fancy new pink bandanna.

Peyton’s mom Cathy made blueberry cookies from a recipe that baking expert Violet the Newfy’s mom sent, and Aunt Sara wrote a special poem about Peyton’s heroic ongoing fight in the backyard to keep the strawberry plants safe from those aggravating invading squirrels.

“You’re just pawesome, Peyton!” her pal Canadian Penny wrote. “Cheers on your big day!”

Other friends sending well wishes included Wilma the Snoopervisor, the cats Enzo and Johnny, Fenwick, Penny Lane, Ruby of 2LoveLabs, Zenith the Hound and a bunch of humans who love dogs.

And fittingly for a member of the Zombie Squad HQ, there were definitely no zombies using skybooms for cover, as it was a perfect day for going for walks, pleasant with a light breeze.

There was a trip to the virtual Furry Tails bar for celebratory snacks scheduled for later as well. We heard there were lots of leftover nachos.

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We’re super glad that PeytonReads birthday turned out so well, and want to remind everyone to be kind, wash your paws, and savor the little moments in life, just as our dogs and cat teach us.