PeytonReads promoting children’s literacy, kindness and social distancing

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PeytonReads the German Shepherd/Husky mix. Photo provided by Cathy Easter.

Peyton the German Shepherd mix is promoting children’s literacy with her @PeytonReads account on Dog Twitter.

Here at Dog O’Day there are a lot of things about our favorite furiends that we love. There’s also a lot of non-doggy things our staff members also love  – some of which include Disney moviesreading in general (dog books especially), sportssuperheroes and clever wordplay, which abounds on Dog Twitter. Peyton, a Canadian rescue dog who is a German Shepherd mix, combines nearly all of those through her account, which can be found at the handle @PeytonReads.

All Dog Twitter doggos are excellent boys and girls, but Peyton has an impawtant cause to go along with the fun and hijinks – promoting children’s literacy. She’s also a member of the Zombie Squad HQ (ZSHQ), an international club of loyal and brave canine protectors keeping the world safe from zombie invasions.

Following in Wishbone‘s pawsteps, she’s basically a canine version of LeVar Burton, hosting her own Reading Rainbow-style feature called the Puppy Book Club each week, where members read and discuss a picture book.

While we’ve done interviews with famous puppers before (see what Holland the Pup, Ovie the BulldogRookie the Batdog, and Sir Winston Da Doodle all had to say), Peyton is the first non-sports related subject to be featured in what we hope might grow to become a recurring series.

We got the chance to chat with Peyton over email earlier in the week, where she talked her daily routine, why books are awesome, the reasons why Supergirl and Taylor Swift are amazing, and about the role of dogs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dog O’Day – You’re a German Shepherd, isn’t that right? What are some basic things we should know about you?

PeytonReads – Yes I am a German Shepherd/Husky mix. I am a rescue and I am 6 years old (I’ll be 7 in June). I came to my forever home when I was about 8 months old. I was very fortunate to find such a great home.

How did you learn to read, and what gave you the inspiration to start the Puppy Book Club?

Puppy Book Club began a few months after I arrived at my home. It started when my Aunt Sara began reading to me every Saturday. It was just our special time to sit and be calm. I loved it so much!!

Soon Mom joined and we started reading kids books just for fun. When I got my own Twitter account, I thought others may like having a few moments each week to relax and enjoy a good story. Reading is so important and super fun! I think everyone should have the right to enjoy the benefits of reading.

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