Dog Twitter: Why it’s so important right now

Dog Twitter has a vital role to play in keeping the landscape of social media a pleasant and encouraging place.

Dog Twitter has a small role to play in the landscape of social media, making it a brighter and more encouraging place. (Dogstagram and TikBark also have a large role, though we’ll just refer to the role of dogs across all platforms as Dog Twitter for simplicity’s sake.)

With the outbreak of the coronavirus and the ever-expanding impact that it’s having on the sports and entertainment landscapes, that role becomes ever more impawtant and necessary to bring a smile to readers’ faces.

Here at Dog O’Day, we strive to do our best to brighten things up for our readers, even if its just for a bit. Thank you for reading, and we’ll keep doing our best to serve you all in this trying time.

We’re going to abide by Nick Fury’s (Samuel L Jackson) declaration in The Avengers that “Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.”

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So here’s just a highlighted look at some of our favorite Dog Twitter accounts worth following.

Perfect Parker (@PerfectParker4) is a doggo with special needs from Missouri who tends to walk with a little bit of a wobble, but is routinely encouraging to his family and internet friends. He also really knows how to appreciate the little things in life.

“Time to stay home n eat peanut budder and keep the grammas and grampas safe,” Parker said recently. “At my house I am ready for full-time time snug duties!”

Parker is a good example of what Doggo Lingo looks like in action.

Bunsen the Science Dog (@BunsenBernerBMD), a Bernese Mountain Dog from southern Alberta, makes it his mission to fill the world with more doses of science knowledge, empathy and cuteness.

Besides succinctly summing up complicated subjects as in the example above, his weekly “Texts with Bunsen” feature offers hilarious insight into his daily life.

He also has his own podcast (“The Science Pawdcast”), which is available on Spotify. (His human pawrents help out with that.)

Along with the other baseball dogs and hockey dogs, Brooks (@RidersBrooks), Chief Morale Officer for the Double-A Frisco RoughRiders of the Texas League, can’t wait to get back out there, but he understands the impawtance of patience in the meantime.

His pal Rookie (@BatdogRookie) is keeping busy trying educate his young cousin in how to be a proper batdog.

Violet the Newfy (@Violet_theNewfy) is a therapy dog who often works with autistic children, and she is also an accomplished baker. She is also extremely generous, this past Christmas offering to take the rap for all the naughty things her friends had done (dogs can be Jewish, apparently).

Violet also organizes Dog Twitter’s monthly photo challenges, which her friend PeytonReads (@PeytonReads) the German Shepherd is an avid supporter of.

Peyton is a huge advocate for reading and literacy, especially children’s books, and organizes the Puppy Book Club.

She also loves all things Disney, particularly Frozen.

Stoney (@BMore9830S), a Poodle from Baltimore battling cancer, is also there to support his sports-loving pals like Rookie, Ovie the BulldogSir Winston Da Doodle and Gustl Kopitar (@GustlTweets).

He’s always ready to lend a paw to celebrate the victories of his friends or whoever needs it.

Over on Instagram, our friend Holland the Pup (@HollandThePup) is always there to chew over new sticks, explore new restaurants, and chase balls in a rousing game of fetch. (She has a Twitter, too, but hasn’t really figured out how to use it yet.)

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These very good boys and girls are just a sampling of Dog Twitter, meaning that Wishbone‘s legacy is in very good paws.

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