Christmas miracle happens for one long-time resident of Fresno Bully Rescue

It’s a Christmas miracle for one 9-year-old Pit Bull mix at the Fresno Bully Rescue. After five years in the shelter, Seamus finally has a home.

Around the holidays, the idea of gifting a puppy seems like an obvious thing. And often this means overlooking the older dogs in the shelter. At the Fresno Bully Rescue a Christmas miracle took place on Dec. 21, as one of the rescue’s long-time residents finally found a new home.

According to CNN, after five years of living at the Rescue, 9-year-old Seamus was adopted. After more than half of his life spent in a shelter, the Pit Bull mix finally got a family for Christmas. (Cue all the tears!)

The Fresno Bully Rescue explained that the pup found the perfect fit for him. It seems that as Seamus has gotten older, it has been a bit more difficult on him when it comes to handling the weather in Fresno. Their hope has been that he would find a home that would allow him to be warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

After worrying about Seamus potentially spending the rest of his life at the Rescue, it is definitely a Christmas miracle that the Pit Bull has a new home. While the Fresno Bully Rescue is excited for Seamus to have a forever home to live out the rest of his life, they are also going to remember him and his antics fondly. The Rescue shared that they will remember him for things like his long walks (he liked to take his time), his love of doughnut holes (who doesn’t?), and always making sure he grabbed a new toy when heading back to his kennel.

Unsurprisingly, the director of the Rescue Bridgette Booth, shared that every single adoption is special to them. And yet when Seamus was adopted, there was not a dry eye in the place.

So what does the Rescue want everyone to take away from this story? They want people to “consider adopting the ones that often get looked over and passed by. Consider the older dogs, or dogs with special needs. There are wonderful dogs that just need a chance and that are just as deserving.”

We love this adoption story so much here at Dog O’Day. Not only do we love the fact that an older dog has found a new home, but it was just in time for Christmas too. And after five years at the Rescue, it makes our hearts happy to know that Seamus has a family to love him.

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