Ovie the Bulldog on hockey, friendship and snacks

Photo: Ovie the Bulldog.. Image Courtesy Michael Robertson
Photo: Ovie the Bulldog.. Image Courtesy Michael Robertson /
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Ovie the Bulldog is the No. 1 Washington Capitals fan on Dog Twitter.

Though he lives on the West Coast in Southern California now, Ovie the Bulldog is the No. 1 Washington Capitals fan among the hockey dogs on Dog Twitter.

He was also one of the earliest adopters of Twitter when it comes to canine accounts.

A good friend of Vegas Golden Knights fans Bark-Andre Furry the Jack Russell Terrier and Sir Winston Da Doodle the Labradoodle, he attended the Joy Prom Las Vegas back in May, and recently celebrated his 10th birthday in human years.

Ovie (who is named for the legendary Caps left winger Alex Ovechkin, three-time NHL Most Valuable Player) recently spoke with Dog O’Day via email as part of our series of interviews with the hockey dogs of social media.

Dog O’Day – How did you get into the Washington Capitals scene? Have you always enjoyed

Ovie the Bulldog – I grew up in the suburbs on Maryland, right outside DC. Dad was a lifelong Capitals fan and had wanted a Bulldog all his life. He had season tickets until the chance to get me
came up. Through some heavy negotiations, he was allowed to name me Ovie. He
gave up his seats so he could stay home and watch the games with me. Shortly after,
the Twitter handle started and then I started attending games downtown to greet fans
and rally them as they entered the arena.

Dog O’Day – When is the best time of the day for naps?

Ovie the Bulldog – There is no wrong time for a nap. Best times are when hockey isn’t on or when it’s cookie time.