launches for VGK hockey dog merch

Friends Sir Winston Da Doodle and Bark-Andre Furry handing out. Photo provided by the Arin family.
Friends Sir Winston Da Doodle and Bark-Andre Furry handing out. Photo provided by the Arin family. /
facebooktwitterreddit has launched, meaning that fans of hockey dogs can now get Bark-Andre Furry and Sir Winston Da Doodle merch online.

Vegas Golden Knights fans in the Southern Nevada area have been able to get Bark-Andre Furry and Sir Winston Da Doodle merch locally, but now thanks to their new website, fans from all over will be able to get them online.

The site officially launched earlier this week, with an initial roster of three items.

Hockey fans’ favorite Jack Russell Terrier and Labradoodle duo can now order their own Bark-Andre Stuffy or Sir Winston Da Stuffy for $24.95 each. Both are wearing their gray Knights-inspired home sweaters with the logo, Bark in his familiar No. 29 and Sir Winston in his familiar No. 1.

Bark’s stuffy has his floppy right ear, and Sir Winston’s head is very fuzzy.

Customers can also pre-order Bark’s limited-edition bobblehead, which features him wearing his goalie pads, for $29.99, with an expected shipping date on those of around two or three weeks.

The staff of Dog O’Day fully supports this exciting development, and we think everyone ought to order something if possible. Rookie the Batdog (who got his own bobblehead earlier this season) also agrees with this sentiment.

While their little brothers Deke-Henri Furry and Sir Oliver Da Doodle don’t have merch yet for their rookie seasons, it seems likely that they will get some at some point in the future.

Deke recently got his own sweater and his own number – he’ll be wearing No. 16 in honor of Montreal Canadiens great Henri “The Pocket Rocket” Richard, who he’s named after.

Sir Oliver doesn’t have his number picked out yet, but there’s still lots of time before the season starts to figure that out.

Bark and Sir Winston’s good pal Ovie the Bulldog will likely also get his own stuffy as well, wearing his familiar home red Washington Capitals-inspired No. 8.

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