World’s Most Amazing Dog episode 7 review: Tight Leash, Tight Rope

World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR
World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR /

“Tight Leash, Tight Rope” saw a lot of amazing dogs compete in the second semifinal on “World’s Most Amazing Dog.”

“Tight Leash, Tight Rope” saw the second batch of semifinalists seeking to become the first World’s Most Amazing Dog.

New episodes of the series drop on Facebook Watch Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET, and fans can vote for their favorite contestant on the Facebook mobile app for 48 hours afterward.

Hosted by Preacher Lawson and judged by George Lopez (George Lopez, Beverly Hills Chihuahuaand TV personality Lisa Vanderpump (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules), this canine talent competition drew thousands of entrants from 36 countries.

The prize they’re competing for is $100,000 and a custom-made doghouse worthy of its own HGTV special.

In the semifinals, dogs were performing in studio, if they were able to travel to Los Angeles, or via video chat if they were international competitors.

Rev the Border Collie and his owner Maddisen Phelan from Ontario went first after being saved by George in the first semifinal. In the first episode Rev played a game of Connect Four with Maddisen, which was incredible. Rev did a highly-choreographed dance routine in the semifinals, which was less impressive to watch.

Godric, a Golden Retriever service dog skilled in balancing eggs in spoons, was next after being promoted following the inability of third episode fan vote winner Tess, a Border Collie from the Netherlands, to travel to LA. Godric and Mel Lucas are from Tampa, Florida. Godric upped the difficulty quite a bit for the semis, as he successfully balanced three eggs without dropping any.

Toshiro Flores the Chihuahua from Sonora, Mexico was the first episode’s fan vote winner. He listened really carefully to Hermes Flores Manriquez’ conversation, which we felt was overrated. He held up his end of another conversation, about such interesting topics as going on a car ride or seeing Aunt Mary.

Second episode fan vote winner Just Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier and Heather Brooks from Phoenix, Arizona were fourth to run. Jesse showed off a wide array of tricks in the quarterfinals, and in the semis he threw away trash, did a skateboard ollie and jumped rope. All of this at around 85 years old (in dog years).

Hercules and Leroy Golden from Crockett, Texas were the final act of the episode. Hercules showed off his amazing balancing skills in the quarterfinals.  Hercules climbed up stairs, walked a tightrope and balance atop workout balls for his semifinal act. He was a little freaked out by the cameras, but still rocked a tie-dye vest.

George and Lisa voted Rev onward into the finals, as they should have, where he will join Lucy the Golden Retriever and Ein the Pembroke Corgi. We would have ranked the performances from “Tight Leash, Tight Rope,” as Rev, Hercules, Jesse, Godric, Toshrio.

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As always, adoptable dogs from animal rescue partners were featured from the ASPCA, England’s Battersea, Thailand’s Soi Dog, Vanderpump Dogs and India’s World for All.