World’s Most Amazing Dog episode 6 review: A One-Man’s-Best-Friend Band

World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR
World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR /

World’s Most Amazing Dog enters the semifinals with episode 6, “A One-Man’s-Best-Friend Band.”

With its first semifinal episode, “A One-Man’s Best-Friend Band,” World’s Most Amazing Dog is one step closer to finding the recipient of $100,000 and a super-lavish custom luxury doghouse.

The Facebook Watch talent series airs on Thursday nights, with new episodes dropping at 8 p.m. ET, with a voting window for fans open for 48 hours thereafter on the Facebook mobile app.

As always, Preacher Lawson (America’s Got Talent) served as host while actor George Lopez (George Lopez, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Marmaduke) and TV personality Lisa Vanderpump (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderrpump Rules) were the judging panel, rating tricks based on the dog’s personality, the difficulty of the trick and the wow factor.

For the semifinals, if they were able, the dogs and their owners traveled to Los Angeles to perform in the studio, while the international contestants competed via video.

George used his only save of the season to advance the Connect Four-playing Border Collie Rev from the first episode into the semifinals, where the Canadian canine will compete next week. This was a very good choice.

Lucy the Golden Retriever and her owner Omar Van Muller, from the second episode, was up first. She did a massively challenging obstacle course in the quarterfinals, which included a slackline and American Ninja Warrior-style devil steps. In the semis, she did another obstacle course, which included human-style skateboard riding, a crossing a rope bridge, and playing dead.

Solo the Bulldog and his owner Cheryl Knapp from Bellingham, Washington. He competed in the fourth episode, doing a wide variety of human things in the quarterfinals. In the semis, he dressed up as a cowboy and rode a rocking horse.

From episode four, the fans voted Super Nova the Australian Cattle Dog from Waco, Texas, onward, in her quarterfinal video she did a variety of balancing tricks with her owner Felicia Foy. In the semis, dressed up as either Marvel’s Captain America or DC’s Stargirl, Super Nova fetched keys, rode a skateboard, caught Frisbees and balanced on a rope. Then she talked George into playing fetch.

From episode five, Derbyshire, England’s Mojo the Poodle, who belongs to Lynne Land, came next. In the quarterfinals she played piano and sang, though unfortunately the lyrics were untranslatable into English. In the semis she again showed off her musicianship, playing piano and singing a different song,, and showing off her skills at the bongo drums and ukulele, in addition to some impressive dance moves.

Hailing from Ontariio, third episode winner Jelly Bean the dead Red Heeler and his owner Melissa Millett was next. He showed off his basketball skills in the quarterfinals, In the semis, he let a cat eat a treat while it was sitting on him, then stood on his back legs while balancing on his owner’s back. As Melissa noted, both of these tricks were very hard to learn, because Jelly Bean only got the initial cue, not facing her at any point during either one.

The final dog was Ein the Pembroke Corgi, who belongs to Air Force Captain Alex Tibbs from California. In the quarterfinals Ein showed off his focus and attention, performing a wide array of tricks, and in the semis he upped his game, performing somewhere between twelve and fifteen separate tricks inside a minute.

As always, there were adoptable dogs highlighted from the show’s partner rescues around the world, which include the ASPCA, Battersea, Soi Dog, Vanderpump Dogs and World for All.

If we would were ranking these contestants in order (first to last), it would be Super Nova, Jelly Bean, Lucy, Ein, Mojo and Solo, but Mojo’s trick stood out for its creativity, while Jelly Bean’s was the hardest, and then Ein, Lucy and Super Nova were all in a dead heat.

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George and Lisa voted Lucy on to become the first dog into the finals of World’s Most Amazing Dog,