World’s Most Amazing Dog season 1, episode 2 review: Beer Me, Please

World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR
World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR /

“World’s Most Amazing Dog” continued showcasing cute dogs in episode 2, “Beer Me, Please.”

In “Beer Me, Please,” the search for the World’s Most Amazing Dog continued on Facebook.

World’s Most Amazing Dog is a canine talent show that airs on Thursday nights on Facebook Watch. Several thousand dogs auditioned from 36 countries.

It’s hosted by comedian Preacher Lawson (America’s Got Talent) and judged by actor George Lopez (George Lopez, Swing Vote, Beverly Hills Chihuahua) and TV personality Lisa Vanderpump (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules). 

They pick one of the contestants to advance from the quarterfinals to the semifinals, and then a fan vote determines one other dog to advance.

Voting is done through the Facebook mobile app while the 48 hour voting window is open.

The winning canine will receive a massive luxury doghouse and $100,000.

The show also features adoptable dogs from around the world, thanks to their partnerships with the ASPCAVanderpump Dogs, and Battersea in England, Soi Dog in Thailand and World for All in India.

The first contestant was Just Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier. He belongs to Heather Brooks, and they’re from Phoenix, Arizona. In his audition video, he showed off a ton of skills including jump roping, Double Dutch jump roping, cartwheels, playing dead, handstand walking, skateboarding, scootering, Frisbee catching, grocery shopping and rocking-horse riding.

Up next was Zeus Macarron the Husky from Azuay, Ecuador, who belongs to Fausto Martinez. Fausto works as a dog trainer, and in their audition video Zeus showed off his obedience skills in both Spanish and English.

The third dog of the night was a German Shepherd named Aiko from New Hampshire, who belongs to Shauna Myers. Aiko is in training to become a service dog, and her audition video showed her fetching a root beer from the fridge when Shauna requested one.

Stella came next. The dog from Colorado Springs belongs to a teenager named Hope Dawson, and in her audition video did a variety of acrobatic tricks like walking on her front paws and dancing, along with elaborate Frisbee catches and running agility.

Otto the Bulldog from Lima, Peru followed Stella. He belongs to Robert Rickards Ugarte, and is a bit of an extreme sports junkie. In his audition video, he piloted his skateboard through the legs of a long line of humans, steering and adjusting his speed as well.

The final dog of the night was a Golden Retriever from Los Angeles named Lucy, who belongs to Omar Von Muller. In her audition video, she first rode a skateboard like a human would before crossing a balance beam in a handstand and then completing an obstacle course that included a slackline and American Ninja Warrior devil steps. (Roo Yori would be proud.)

George chose Just Jesse for his astounding variety of tricks, while Lisa picked Lucy for her incredible athleticism. That meant Preacher had to settle the tie, and he went with Lucy to advance to the semifinals. It was a good pick either way.

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Last week fans voted Toshiro on to advance as well.

I (Wes) would have picked Aiko because of her usefulness to her human as a service dog, though Otto’s driving was very impressive, and the athleticism of Jesse and Lucy was incredible.