World’s Most Amazing Dog season 1, episode 3 review: Saved by the CPR Dog

World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR
World's Most Amazing Dog logo. Photo Courtesy Facebook Watch PR /

“Saved by the CPR Dog” is the third episode of the Facebook series World’s Most Amazing Dog.

Each week on Facebook Watch’s World’s Most Amazing Dog, contestants vie to a luxury doghouse and $100,000. “Saved by the CPR Dog,” the series’ third episode, was no different, and featured a ton of amazing tricks.

Hosted by comedian Preacher Lawson of America’s Got Talent, and judged by actor George Lopez (George Lopez, The Spy Next Door, Beverly Hills Chihuahua) and TV personality Lisa Vanderpump (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules), the judges select one dog from each quarterfinal to move on into the semifinals, while the audience fan vote selects the other dog moving on.

The voting window is open for 48 hours on the Facebook mobile app after the episode drops on the Facebook mobile app on Thursday nights.

Each episode, several adoptable dogs are featured, thanks to the show’s partnerships with the ASPCA and Vanderpump Dogs in the States, and worldwide with England’s Battersea, Thailand’s Soi Dog and India’s World for All.

The first dog up this episode was Jelly Bean, a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog from Ontario who belongs to Melissa Millett. He is deaf, and works as an ambassador for deaf children, inspiring them that they can do amazing things, too. In his audition video he dribbled and passed a basketball, caught Frisbees and did a kangaroo impression.

Lava, a blue-eyed dog from Calgary, Alberta, came next. She belongs to Katerina Jansen, and like Jelly Bean, also knows how to pray. Lava works as a service dog, and in her audition video demonstrated those skills by practicing her CPR skills.

From Hiawatha, Iowa, was a Pug named Jake. He belongs to Thomas Pham, and they enjoy eating tasty food and dressing up for Halloween in matching costumes. His audition video interspersed clips of being a cute ordinary dog with running agility and skateboarding.

Godric the Golden Retriever followed Jake. From Tampa, Florida, the year-old doggo is still a teenager in dog years. He belongs to Mel Lucas and works as her medical alert service dog, and in his audition video he balanced an egg in a spoon while walking across the living room.

In fifth was Roo the Chihuahua from Cleveland, Ohio, who belongs to Pat Holcomb. Roo was born without front legs, so he uses a wheelchair. In his audition video he used his back legs to climb up the stairs to be near his brothers, one of whom is missing an eye.

The final dog to go was Tess, a 6-year-old Border Collie from a city called Alphen in the Netherlands. She belongs to biology major Desiree Van Zon. She showed off a few of her 200-trick repertoire, including handstands, skipping, moonwalking and parkour.

After some consideration, George and Lisa chose Jelly Bean to advance, which was a very good selection.

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In the last episode, fans voted voted ahead Just Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier due to his abundance of tricks.

I (Wes) would have picked either Lava for her skills at CPR, or Tess for her agility and cleverness.