Fancy Feast has brought back their Advent Calendar for cats just in time for holidays 2021

Fancy Feast Cat Advent Calendar - Stephanie Lish (Golin) - Kimberley Spinney
Fancy Feast Cat Advent Calendar - Stephanie Lish (Golin) - Kimberley Spinney /

In 2020, Fancy Feast introduced us to the perfect Christmas treat for our cats – The Fancy Feast Advent Calendar and limited edition ornament. And now, it seems that they have decided to keep the Feastivities going with the return of this kitty calendar in time for the 2021 holidays.

And while this is only the second year of this Catvent Calendar, Fancy Feast is clearly ready to make this a tradition. Not only have they brought the Advent Calendar back, but they have also given it a bit of an update for 2021.

In the press email we received about the return of the Fancy Feast Feastivities, they explained that in addition to this calendar, they are also giving us a stocking stuffer option for our furry friends. “In addition to the calendar, the brand has introduced a new stocking stuffer, and both include two brand new limited-edition holiday-inspired recipes for cats, Yuletide Turkey Feast with Sweet Potato & Tomato in Gravy and Hearthside Salmon Platter with Pumpkin & Spinach Pate.”

So yes, that means limited edition food to go along with the festive holiday offerings themselves. We think that’s a win for kitties everywhere.

Fancy Feast brings back their Feastivities Advent Calendar, along with two more festive goodies

Fancy Feast Cat Advent Calendar
Fancy Feast Cat Advent Calendar – Stephanie Lish (Golin) – Kimberley Spinney /

Finally, just like they did in 2020, the company is also releasing a limited edition ornament to benefit charity. This year’s ornament, which is designed to look like a baked treat, will help to raise money for RedRover via Purina’s Purple Leash Project. And it will even come with a cookie cutter for us to use to make our own cookies to match our ornaments.

Pre-orders for the Fancy Feast Advent Calendar have already begun on Amazon. And we can also hit up the Feastivities website to get a recipe for the perfect human cookie for the holidays to go with our new cookie cutter. At $24.99, this is a great deal for keeping our kitties spoiled this holiday season.

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Did you know about this Advent Calendar for Cats? Will you be grabbing one for your kitty this holiday season? What about the other treats for the holidays? We want to know.