Dog O’Day Fantasy Football League: Playoffs pupdate

fantasy football (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
fantasy football (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The regular season has come to a close in the Dog O’Day Fantasy Football League.

The Dog O’Day Fantasy Football League has wrapped up its first season, consisting of a nice mix of staff, internet dogs and FanSiders from other sites.

Taking part in the inaugural site fantasy football league were site expert Wesley Coburn with Bark Attack and columnist Holland the Pup with Holland’s Huddle (with help from her dad Adam), former Beyond the Flag contributor Konner Metz with Romo’s Crystal Ball, Pro Golf Now site expert Chris O’Day with Real Deal O’Day, Sir Winston Da Doodle with Winston’s Team, Ovie the Bulldog with the Cookie Crushers (with help from dad Michael), PeytonReads with Peyton’s Pack (with help from mom Cathy), and Wesley’s college pal Cody with the shredder.

We also extended preseason invites to Bark-Andre Furry and Deke, Canadian Penny and Stoney, though they all had to decline for various reasons. Maybe some of them or their fellow football dogs will be able to take part next year.

Peyton and Cody were the only players with previous fantasy football experience, so it was a learning experience of trial and error throughout.

The way the standings shook out, Sir Winston was the alpha dog during the regular season, as Winston’s Team posted a 11-3 record with a league-high 2,253.74 points scored, earning a first-round bye with a three-game win streak to close the season.

Bark Attack finished in second with a 10-4 record after a season-ending five-game win streak, allowing 2,033.22 points against, which was balanced out by a second-place 2,138.36 points scored. They got the second playoff bye after defeating third-place Holland’s Huddle 169.72-141.76 in the final game. Holland’s Huddle finished with a 9-5 record, scoring 1,997.48 points while the league’s stingiest defense allowed 1,894.12 points against.

In fourth was Real Deal O’Day with a solid 7-7 record, with 1,931.04 points for and 1,967.60 points against, while in fifth was the shredder at 6-8 with 2,036.32 points for and a league-worst 2,164.60 points against.

Romo’s Crystal Ball took the final playoff spot with a 6-8 record, scoring 1,935.54 points for and allowing 2,009.88 points against.

Unfortunately missing out on the playoffs were the 4-10 Cookie Crushers at 1,770.14 points for and 1,978.20 points against, and Peyton’s Pack at 3-11 with 1,857.78 points for and 1,958.98 points against, ending the season on a rough patch of three and five straight losses, respectively.

Because of the bizarre nature of the 2020 NFL season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rosters flipped pretty quickly – the average roster moves made across the league were 16.5 in just 14 weeks, with the shredder with the most at 32, while the Cookie Crushers just adjusted their lineup twice.

For the first round of the Dog O’Day Fantasy Football League playoffs, the winner of the No. 4 Real Deal O’Day- No. 5 the shredder matchup will face No. 1 Winston’s Team next week, while the winner of the No. 3 Holland’s Huddle-No. 6 Romo’s Crystal Ball contest will face No. 2 Bark Attack.

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Thank you for playing, everypawdy – it’s been a fun way to get to know one another.  If you’re looking for more NFL coverage within the FanSided Network, see NFL Spin Zone or the site for your favorite team.