Fantasy football: Dog O’Day League midseason pupdate

fantasy football (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
fantasy football (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Dog O’Day fantasy football league is off to a good start.

The Dog O’Day fantasy football league is off to a strong beginning at the halfway point of its debut season.

The league is composed of eight teams, six of whose coaches have never played fantasy football before, so it’s kind of a learning experience for most of us.

The teams/coaches –

Peyton’s mom Cathy and Cody are the only coaches with experience playing in previous leagues, but halfway through the NFL regular season, it’s a wide-open race for the six teams going to the postseason as rematches begin in Week 8.

Winston’s Team and Real Deal O’Day both lead the standings with five wins and two losses apiece thus far, though Winston has scored more points to date, 1,119.06 to 1054.18. In their Week 6 matchup, Real Deal O’Day triumphed 150.02-92.50.

In third place we have the shredder and Bark Attack, both with four wins and three losses. The shredder has more points scored overall, 1,063.30 to 1,009.56, but Wes won their Week 6 meeting 122.30-99.94 thanks to some Monday Night Football heroics from the Kansas City Chiefs duo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

In fifth are the Cookie Crushers and Holland’s Huddle, both with three wins and four losses. Holland has outscored Ovie 1,012.40 to 958.68 overall so far, but Ovie won their Week 2 meeting by a 158.18-142.60 score, so there’s some victory cookies left for the taking. (And besides, the Lightning and Rays made it to the Stanley Cup Final and World Series within the same month, so Holland’s pretty content in her sports fandom at the moment.)

Finally, in seventh are Romo’s Crystal Ball and Peyton’s Pack, both with two wins and five losses. Konner’s team has outscore Peyton 1,018.36 to 1,009.96 to this point, though Peyton won their first contest 157.00-122.08 in Week 1.

Will the NFL be able to finish its season without the pandemic derailing it completely? Will any major players have severe cases that impact their careers? These are all still very much up in the air for the time being, though hopefully the rash of injuries players have encountered at the beginning of the season will slow down.

For the moment, Chris has the top squad as they’re riding a three-game win streak, while after a hot start, Ovie’s team could nearly pave a hockey rink as they’ve dropped four straight. That could change this week as they’re playing Bark Attack again, though currently behind 7.50-0.00 thanks to Thursday Night Football starting things early.

Real Deal O’Day is playing Holland’s Huddle, which is a high-scoring game so far – Holland is ahead 25.50-14.60 at the time of this writing.

Romo’s Crystal Ball has an early 12.10-0.00 advantage over Peyton’s Pack, while the shredder is leading Winston’s Team 9..90-5.00 in the last Week 8 game of the Dog O’Day fantasy football league.

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Since this was intended to be a fun learning experiment in how the game works, so far that objective seems to have been attained as the weekly action has already sparked several fun Twitter exchanges between football dogs and dog-loving humans. Hopefully more social media pets and staff from Dog O’Day or our sister sites will play next season, whether that be football again, morphing to hockey when that starts, or whatever else might prove interesting.