Molly the Fire Safety Dog needs help with vet bills after medical emergency

Molly the Fire Safety Dog. Photo by Dayna Hilton.
Molly the Fire Safety Dog. Photo by Dayna Hilton. /

Molly the Fire Safety Dog needs help with vet bills.

Molly the Fire Safety Dog, one of the bigger names on Dog Twitter, could use some help with vet bills after a medical emergency this weekend.

Molly is an 8 year old Dalmatian from Clarksville, Arkansas who puts together livestreamed (and in-person when pawsible) demonstrations on fire safety for elementary students around the US and Canada through her Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.

While doing a livestream on her Facebook page on Saturday night, she possibly had a seizure or a stroke, which meant rushing over to an emergency animal hospital two hours away and an overnight stay.

Her blood pressure was checked out overnight, and she needed to visit an animal ophthalmologist (eye doctor specializing in medical care) on Sunday afternoon, which was a branch of veterinary medicine we didn’t realize existed.

“I’m sitting outside hoping and praying the doc has good news,” Molly’s mom Dayna Hilton told Dog O’Day on Sunday afternoon.

Because vet bills are pricey at the best of times, and emergency procedures especially so, they would welcome PayPal donations if you have the means to donate.

“Everyone is so supportive and friendly,” our pal PeytonReads said earlier this year while talking about the kindness of Dog Twitter. “It’s more than positive…it is genuinely heartfelt care and concern. We gather and celebrate when someone is happy. We gather and offer support when someone is sad.”

Molly was able to return home on Sunday night, and seemed exhausted but calm in a photo she shared.

“Goodnight, everyone. Thanks for all the love and prayers you have sent my way,” she wrote in the caption.

Molly was one of the recipients of the 2019 ACE Awards (the American Kennel Club‘s Award for Canine Excellence) in the Exemplary Companion Dog category, and she had a small role in the 2019 documentary Superpower Dogs. She’s also the official ambassador of Superpower Dogs, and the mascot of the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.

Close to home within the River Valley region of Arkansas, though, she’s still the firedog for the local volunteer fire department, so she doesn’t let the fame get to her head, even if she is friends with Bunsen the Science Dog and Sampson the Service Dog, not to mention an array of high-profile human members of Dog Twitter like I’ve Pet That Dog’s Gideon and British pet artist Iain Welch.

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We hope Molly the Fire Safety Dog feels better soon, and that the kindness of the Dog Twitter community can help out with her vet bills.