Breeds 101: The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is a sight to hold. Their spotted coat makes them hard to miss sprinting across the park. They make great family dogs, loyal watchmen, and energetic play pals. The Dalmatian is voted Mr. Congeniality of the dog breeds. Here’s why…

This dog has a well-rounded temperament. If you’re looking for loving, playful, intelligent, and loyal, this dog has it all. As a young puppy this dog seeks a strong leader. So socializing and training is essential. If you do, this dog just may become your favorite of the breeds.

As a puppy this dog could be summed up in one word: energy. There are few tourists to the breed that can keep up with the Dalmatian puppy. They are extremely playful and have stamina for days. So keep in mind that your Dalmatian will need sufficient room and opportunity to run for hours. They will love your company, so take it as a chance to train them to answer your call. Keep an eye on them, because a Dalmatian pup will take off on you.

Their speed and agility comes from their history.

Originally sought as carriage hands, they were responsible for guarding the horses and coachmen. Avoiding axles explain this dog’s quick maneuvering capabilities.

The breed got their name from their country of origin. They hail from “Dalmatia,” or now, Croatia. Their skills were used for guarding other animals, and even as tricks in the circus. This dog’s skill set should give some clue about why they’re used in so many capacities.

In America, the Dalmatian is our firefighter mascot.

Often depicted riding shotgun in a fire truck, the dogs do fire rescues. While there aren’t too many fire Dalmatians around now, some still keep the dog handy. Even if it’s just to clear the plates.

The Dalmatian breed was also made famous by the novel, “The Great Dog Robbery,” also known as, “The Hundred and One Dalmatians.” The writer, Dodie Smith, writes of a Mr. and Mrs. Dearly and their 15 puppies. They attend a party hosted by Curella de Vil, a wealthy woman obsessed with fur. Cruella de Vil kidnaps all the Dalmatians in the town Hell Hall, including the Dearly’s 15. In the end, the dog’s are rescued, and Cruella is never heard from again. The movie, starring Glenn Close, became a blockbuster Disney flick.

There is no wonder why Dalmatians have such a following. Plus they make adorable puppies.

The Dalmatian is a short-haired breed that will need little grooming. Like most active breeds, they will need constant bathing if you want to keep their white fur pristine.

Again, this dog will be an enthusiastic puppy. So you will need to train them early at walking on a leash, listening, and barking. These dogs will make great guard dogs if you socialize them early. Their size and bark will intimidate any intruder. Dalmatians have a tendency of becoming shy. To prevent this, make sure they are exposed to many different types of people and pets. This will keep them from becoming too docile or aggressive.

The Dalmatian is for the indecisive dog lover. They come with a diverse personality that gives you the best of all breeds. They’ll follow through, fire and everything.