Meet the winners of the 2019 ACE Awards

Photo: AKC National Championship.. Image Courtesy Nick King
Photo: AKC National Championship.. Image Courtesy Nick King /

Meet the winners of the AKC Humane Fund’s 2019 ACE Awards.

During the 2019 AKC National Championship, which was held December 14-15 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the winners of the 2019 ACE Awards.

Presented by the AKC Humane Fund, there are five Awards for Canine Excellence given each year, in the categories of Exemplary Companion Dog, Therapy Dog, Service Dog, Uniformed Services Canine and Search and Rescue Dog.

Exemplary Companion Dog

The 2019 ACE Awards Exemplary Companion Dog this year is Molly the Dalmatian, who belongs to Dayna Hilton. They live in Clarksville, Arkansas, and Molly is the firedog for the local volunteer fire station.

Molly also teaches fire safety at elementary schools across the country through the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.

Therapy Dog

The 2019 ACE Awards Therapy Dog was awarded to Gunther the Rottweiler, who belongs to John Hunt of Blackwood, New Jersey.

The ability of therapy dogs to brighten the days of those in hospitals, colleges or airports is a very valuable resource, and we are very pleased that such dedicated humans and doggos exist.

Service Dog

The 2019 ACE Awards Service Dog is Polly Pocket the Labrador Retriever, who lives in Sparks, Nevada and belongs to Rachel Husband.

Polly works with Rachel at the University of Nevada, and assists her by opening doors, flicking light switches on and off, and alerting coworkers if Rachel has a seizure.

Uniformed Services Canine

The 2019 ACE Awards Uniformed Services Canine is Summer, a s 7 year old yellow Lab who belongs to Micah Jones of Washington, D.C.

Summer has served a tour of duty in Afghanistan, and she currently works as a bomb sniffer in Union Station, keeping passengers safe from threats.

Jones is also a military veteran, and working with Summer has helped his return to civilian life after deployment.

Search and Rescue Dog 

The 2019 ACE Awards Search and Rescue Dog is Joe Pete, an 8 year old Doberman Pinscher from Eaton Rapids, Michigan. He belongs to Chris Bean, and despite being near retirement age and battling Wobbler’s Disease, has no plans to slow own anytime soon.

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Congratulations to all of these very good boys and girls, and to all the other very good dogs helping make the world a better, safer or brighter place.