Turner & Hooch gives us relatable moments in “Road to Smell Dorado”

Turner & Hooch "Road to Smell Dorado" (Disney/Eric Milner)
Turner & Hooch "Road to Smell Dorado" (Disney/Eric Milner) /

When it comes to the new Disney+ series, Turner & Hooch, we admit that we are a little obsessed. It is more than just mindless TV. It’s also that touch of nostalgia from our childhood, while also giving us a great take on law enforcement with a K9 officer in tow.

But in episode 5, “Road to Smell Dorado,” what really appealed to us as fans of all things dogs on our TV, it was how much we could relate to Scott Turner that really had us loving every second of this show.

And what was it that we related to? The dreaded skunk. Seriously, just the thought of that smell is enough to get us gagging.

But not only that, it’s that effort to get that smell out and gone. Everyone recommends the tomato, but what happens when your pup can’t handle tomato or won’t sit still long enough for the tomato. It’s a nightmare that only some of us can understand.

Turner & Hooch reminds us that skunks happen!

Turner & Hooch
Turner & Hooch “Road to Smell Dorado” (Disney/Eric Milner) /

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Skunks happen! And as soon as that skunk popped up in front of Hooch, we knew what was going to happen. We also knew it was going to be quite an interesting and even hilarious aspect of the story, and it absolutely was!

Honestly, there was plenty to enjoy in “Road to Smell Dorado,” but it was the relatability that we were here for. And the fact that Turner & Hooch continues to deliver on how difficult it can be to partner with a dog at work is actually what has us entertained the most. Scott never planned to have a canine partner and he is not used to working with one.

At the same time, it is clear that even as someone who grew up with dogs and has women in his life who work with them, he is not comfortable with being a dog owner. He has yet to truly commit to his training with Erica, even though she is continually the person he turns to in order to get help.

Scott Turner needs to figure out how to be a better canine partner, but he can only do that if he actually takes the time to do the training with Erica. The fact that he is still struggling is something we can relate to, but is also a little frustrating because he has help.

So whether it was his continued inability to figure out what it means to be partnered with Hooch or the fact that he had to deal with the pup getting sprayed by a skunk, this was just such a good episode in terms of being relatable.

Now, our only hope is that the skunk scent is gone and maybe Scott will remember that Erica is still there for him, even though he isn’t the best at all those clues and hints.

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What did you think of “Road to Smell Dorado?” Are you enjoying the first season of Turner & Hooch? We want to know.