What are Australia’s top Bluey episodes? We’ve got the scoop

Bluey Season 3 Image. Image credit to Disney/Disney+.
Bluey Season 3 Image. Image credit to Disney/Disney+. /

Bluey has truly transcended everything including its country of origin. Despite being created and airing first in Australia, the series has become a favorite all around the world.

Thankfully, Australia knows how lovable the Heeler family is and decided to share its favorite episodes of the series. Oh, did I mention it was their top 100 episodes of Bluey?!

As shared via the show’s website, “Blueyfest” was a celebration of Bluey being on air for 5 years and it was an homage to one of the best-animated series of our decade. Over 50,000 votes were counted and the 100 episodes were aired on ABC for everyone to enjoy.

In honor of that, I wanted to make sure all my fellow Bluey fans saw this including the top 10 episodes of the series.

See Australia’s favorite Bluey episodes and an extended theme song.

For just a moment, let’s just appreciate the show’s theme song. Even though it got extended, I will say that it’s an intro I never skip. Plus my nephew loves to scream out the name of the entire family so there’s that. All in all, no notes on that one because it’s just awesome.

Moving onto the top 10 episodes, there are truly some great ones and they are perfect for kids, parents or anyone watching Bluey. Starting at #10, we have “Bin Night” which is about the family taking the trash out together and Bingo sharing something with her dad. At #9, we have “Christmas Swim” which is exactly as it sounds while Bluey doesn’t have the best time as she doesn’t want to destroy her new teddy.

At #8 on the list, we have “Rain” which is a great Bluey-Mum story about their trials during a big rain storm. Then at #7 is a classic with “Dance Mode” which is all about making putting the parents in dance mode but Bingo doesn’t have the best time. Almost in the middle, we have “Camping” at #6 which involves Bluey making friends with Jean-Luc and having some fun much to Bandit’s expense.

Right in the middle, we have another classic episode with “Grannies” coming at #5. This is where Bingo and Bluey pretend to be Grannies and have TOO much fun. The #4 spot goes to “Sleepytime” which is an episode where Bingo has an action-packed dream and it’s just too cute. I mean I can attest that this episode made me cry so there’s that!

Coming in at #3 is “Granny Mobile” which is a Muffin episode where Muffin gets a slight taste of her own medicine. Then at #2, we have “Baby Race” which is all about Bluey as a baby and Chili figuring things out as a new parent. Then at #1 is “Cricket” which is about Rusty, a friend of Bandit, getting better at cricket.

All in all, these episodes are all great and worth the watch. Of course, that’s just the top 10 as there are 90 more episodes to look through. No matter if you’re a long-time Bluey fan or were recently introduced, I don’t think you can go wrong in watching any of these top 10 episodes.

What are your favorite Bluey episodes? Make sure to share them with us!

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