Baby Race (Bluey) is an adorable Little Golden Book for all ages

Baby Race (Bluey) by Golden Books. Image Courtesy of Golden Books.
Baby Race (Bluey) by Golden Books. Image Courtesy of Golden Books. /

Bluey has truly transcended into a completely different realm with the release of the Baby Race Little Golden Book.

Whether you’re reading Little Golden Books to the kids in your life or remember reading them as a kid, these books are great for early readers. There are some classics we all remember like The Poky Little Puppy, The Little Red Hen, and Peter Cotton Tale but now we’re getting some more modern takes.

Given how beloved Bluey is, there is no way we wouldn’t eventually see her in book form and there’s no better episode than “Baby Race.” On the whole, the episode is adorable and the book continues that trend.

I’d like to thank the publisher for sending me a copy as my niece and nephew both love the show so they’ll love to be able to read this and go back to revisit one of the best Bluey episodes.

Baby Race (Bluey) is a Little Golden Book you don’t want to miss.

Baby Race was released on October 10th so it’s widely available now. Honestly, if you have a  fan in the house, I’m sure they’ve spotted it by now. If they haven’t, you’re in luck as this is a great one to pick up, as it can spark a lot of conversation.

In the book, we follow Chili, Bingo, and Bluey as they’re playing at the playground. Bluey is obviously more advanced than Bingo and Chili explains that it’s not a race. That ends up with her telling the story of the “Baby Race” in which she compares Bluey to Judo because Judo seemed to progressing a lot more than Bluey was

Eventually, we find out that Chili ended up being comforted by Coco’s mom and realizing it’s not easy and she’s doing her best. The book ends with us seeing what caused Bluey to finally walk and it was such a sweet ending. The Baby Race not only shares a message with kids about not comparing themselves to others but also reminds parents not to be so critical of themselves.

That’s in large part why the series is so beloved as it’s so realistic. Chili and Bandit echo what a lot of parents feel and it’s nice to be represented that way on screen. It’s the same way for kids who are watching Bingo and Bluey. They can see themselves and it opens up for more conversation which is always great.

All in all, Baby Race (Bluey) from Little Golden Books is great for picking up no matter what your age is. Plus it’s a great one to read with your kids, nieces, nephews, or even to share as a teacher. It’s also a good one to grab if you’re already doing your Christmas shopping.

Baby Race (Bluey) by Golden Books is out now where books are sold.

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