Turner & Hooch takes on a team assignment but don’t act like a team in episode 3

Turner and Hooch - “A Good Day to Dog Hard” (Disney/Farah Nosh)
Turner and Hooch - “A Good Day to Dog Hard” (Disney/Farah Nosh) /

As we get deeper into the first season of Turner & Hooch on Disney+, we have to admit that Scott is a pretty bad partner. Whether or not we are talking about his human partner or his canine partner, Scott Turner is failing with both.

While it makes sense that he would want to look towards the future and who he might be partnered with while Jessica is on desk duty and maternity leave, the fact that he is basically ignoring what she has to say for a chance at glory is pretty frustrating. And forget it when it comes to Hooch.

The show might be called Turner & Hooch, but in this case there is no “and.” This is all Scott thinking that he knows it all without really listening or learning. Even when Erica tries to guide him into being a better partner to his canine companion, it just doesn’t work because he is not doing what he needs to do or paying attention.

In episode 3, “Diamonds Are Furever,” Hooch does his very best to be a helpful asset, but Scott isn’t doing his. It is almost like he walked away from his family and the dogs he grew up with and forgot everything we learn about dogs when we live with them. Plus, instead of taking canine trainer Erica up on training and being a better partner, he is going off halfcocked with just bits and pieces of training ideas and such.

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There are moments in this episode where Scott proves that he is a good officer. But at the same time, he also shows why he is single.

From the very beginning, Scott Turner has been clear that he is all about advancing his career. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that he needs to be a good partner to get further at work. And since his boss wants him working with Hooch at his side, maybe it would be a good idea if he actually took Erica up on her offer to help him with working with Hooch rather than against him.

I am really enjoying this new series, but I literally want to go through the TV screen to shake Scott. Like sit down, be quiet, and listen to other people. But alas, he doesn’t and he seems to think he knows it all. At times, it is nice to see him fail because it knocks him down a peg, but since he has yet to really embrace the reason for his failure, it doesn’t seem to stick.

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What do you think? Have you been watching Turner & Hooch on Disney+? What do you think? Are you as frustrated with Scott Turner as I am? Let me know in the comments.