Where have we seen Turner & Hooch’s Vanessa Lengies before?

With the coming of the new Turner & Hooch series on Disney+, we are looking at the stars of the show and figuring out where we have seen them before. For this spotlight, we are taking a look at Vanessa Lengies.

From where we have seen her before to who she plays in the new series, we are excited to really shine a light on some of the previous projects that Lengies has worked on and the new character she will be bringing to life. So where have we seen the actress before?

For me, the first time I remember seeing Vanessa Lengies was in the movie Stick It from 2006, however, she had actually been in quite a few projects before this film. In 2002 she was in the NBC dramedy American Dreams and in 2005 she was in The Perfect Man alongside Hillary Duff and Heather Locklear. Even before then she was in Canadian programs such as Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Radio Active.

At one point, Lengies was also part of the iconic series Glee which also starred her fellow Turner & Hooch costar, Becca Tobin! Over the years, the actress has taken on a number of roles, and has even had a documentary type series called The ‘S’ Word with Vanessa Lengies.

But who will Vanessa Lengies be playing in the new Turner & Hooch series?

So who is Lengies playing in the new Disney+ series Turner & Hooch? Well according to the synopsis for the series, she will be portraying a character named Erica Mounir.

In the series, Erica is not only a dog lover, but she is actually a dog trainer for the U.S. Marshal’s K-9 facility. This will likely be an important role in the series since we already know that Scott Turner (played by Josh Peck) is going to be getting Hooch unexpectedly and will need to form a strong bond with the dog if they will be working together.

After being introduced, Erica apparently agrees to work with Turner and Hooch as they learn how to be partners within the U.S. Marshall’s service. It is also said that Erica has a crush on Scott, so that will also be interesting to see play out, as it sounds like Scott Turner is devoted to his job and proving himself, which might make him less likely to notice how she feels.

With Vanessa Lengies character, it seems like we get a romantic interest of sorts, as well as someone who is all about the dogs. And that makes her character one we want to pay attention to.

We will see Lengies in action when Turner & Hooch premieres on Disney+ on July 21. Are you ready?