Craftopia gave us a super cute dog treats stand project in episode 5

Craftopia. Photograph by HBO Max
Craftopia. Photograph by HBO Max /

We are always looking for dogs being represented on TV, and during a recent binge watch of the HBO Max series, Craftopia, we found magic! In the episode, not only did we get to see crafters whip up super cute animal inspired paper lantern projects, but in the second round, they also took the summer lemonade stand to the next level.

And as part of the elevated lemonade stand project on Craftopia, we actually got to watch as one crafter decided to create a fun and functional dog treats stand! Not only did they have an actual stand, but they even crafted up some clay dog bones to represent the treats.

The name of the stand was Queens and was inspired by Queen Elizabeth II‘s Corgis and Meghan Markle‘s Beagle. And considering the crafters in this series are between the ages of nine and 15 made the entire project that much more amazing, especially considering where the young crafter found inspiration for their dog treat stand.

Craftopia gave us an epic dog treat stand as a project in one of their early episodes

Over the course of the first season of Craftopia, we see many projects and crafters. And every time a pup or really any animal showed up, we were all over it. But the dog treat stand might just be our favorite project.

Not only was the stand an amazing craft project, but it actually makes us want to have a dog treat stand on the side of the road for summer. It may not be lemonade, but I bet all the dog owners would love this kind of a road side stand.

This series is a lot of fun overall, and while it may not be dog-centric, it still gave us enough dog and animal love to have us coming back for more.

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