Is Haute Dog on HBO Max any good?

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If you love dogs, should you be watching Haute Dog on HBO Max?

The fairly new streaming titan HBO Max has truly been surprising us with its new content. And dog lovers need to know that Haute Dog is worth a watch!

From the movie selection, Lovecraft Country, Selena+ Chef, and more, HBO Max is proving its worth among tough streaming competition. There’s also a reality competition series you may have missed among other big hits, and that’s Haute Dog. 

Decider described the show as a “Chopped-style competition,” so I had to take a look! And I’m so glad I did. Haute Dog is fun, competitive, and highly entertaining.

Should you watch Haute Dog on HBO Max?

If you are reading this, you definitely need to be watching? Why? Because you would only be here if you were curious about Haute Dog, and only dog fans are curious about it because we love everything dogs! Do you need a bigger sign?

Haute Dog gives contestants 90 minutes to transform the look of a pup. They need to bring the dog’s personality to life, and to make the competition even more difficult, groomers get the same type of dog breed. So it’s a fair game.

Which dog will look best? It’s tough to say, really, because I believe all dogs are adorable! Watch the trailer below:

Oh yes, this is more than just a grooming session, it’s a complete transformation! And we are here for it! It’s also so much fun, the judges are always joking around and having a good time.

There aren’t many shows about dogs these days, so HBO Max’s Haute Dogs is very appreciated and is a fun escape during these times. Watch it with your pup!

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There are six episodes of Haute Dog available now on HBO Max.