Dog Grooming: Here’s why you shouldn’t shave your pup this summer

A dog gets a grooming done (Photo by Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images)
A dog gets a grooming done (Photo by Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images) /

Dog grooming is important, but there is one thing you shouldn’t do in summer

Dog grooming is something we take care of all year long, but in the summer, it may seem especially important. Not only is it about keeping our pups clean and healthy, but we also think of it as a way to keep our dogs cool. However, there is at least one aspect of dog grooming that we may want to avoid in the heat of summer – shaving off your dog’s fur.

Although we may think that getting rid of all that heavy fur would be a good way to cool our dogs down and prevent heat stroke, the reality is much different. According to The Farmer’s Dog, shaving our dog’s fur can actually make them more susceptible to heat stroke and overheating.

While it may seem shocking to learn (if you didn’t already know this that is), the reality is that our dog’s coat actually helps to both keep them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. And when you shave off their coat, you can actually do damage to the hair and leave them without protection from the harsh rays of the sun. This can mean not just heat stroke risks, but also leaving them prone to sunburns as well.

Summer dog grooming doesn’t mean shaving off your dog’s coat

Some dogs have what is known as a double coat and if you shave that off, it can actually damage their coat. These coats are designed to protect our furry friends, so the last thing we want to do is mess that up.

Unless you veterinarian recommends shaving for health reasons or for serious matting problems, skip this aspect of dog grooming and instead opt for a light trim, a thorough brushing, and even a bath. Your dog’s natural shedding will help to keep them cool in the summer and that’s the best way to help them when it comes to avoiding heat stroke.

In the summer, it is important to pay attention to your pup to make sure they are not getting overheated and that they are getting enough water. But we definitely recommend staying away from the shaver and sticking with scissors when needed.

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Did you know that shaving your pup can damage their coat? How do you help your dog avoid overheating? Tell us all about ways you prevent heat stroke in the comments.