Sunscreen for your dogs to help protect them this summer

Check out these sunscreen options for our dogs

Did you know that your pup can get a sunburn just like you? Considering how susceptible our dogs are to things such as heat, it makes sense that they might also have an issue with too much sun. That’s where sunscreen comes in.

While we can’t use the same sunscreen on our dogs that we use on ourselves, there actually are products out there that are designed for pup usage. It’s important to understand that there are chemicals that humans use that are simply not good for our dogs, so we need to find them skincare that actually works with their biology.

Which sunscreen is the best for our pups?

According to the Canine Journal, one of the best sunscreens on the market that was made specifically for dogs is the Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray, which can be found on Amazon for around $16 plus shipping. Not only does it protect your dog’s skin from the sun, but it also helps to condition their fur. As an added bonus, this is the only product that is actually FDA approved, making it an all around winner.

While the Epi-Pet Sun Protector is dog-friendly, the company does not recommend using this on a cat. And let’s be honest, we often try to make sure that if we have cats and dogs, we are making sure that they each have their own products anyway.

Another dog-friendly sunscreen that is currently on the market is Emmy’s Best Dog Sun Skin Protector. Although this one is not an FDA approved product, the company gives this one an SPF 30 rating.

This skin protector spray is non-aerosol, which is great for people who are opposed to aerosol sprays. In terms of protecting your pup’s skin, this product also contains coconut oil and shea butters to help nourish and enrich both their coat and their skin.

If you are looking to protect your dog’s skin from the sun, while also conditioning their fur, these two products are a must try.

Have you used sunscreen on your dog before? Which brand have you used? Tell us in the comments.