Amazon gets crafty with their packaging by letting you create cat condos and more

Amazon wants to make recycling craftier

If there is one thing we can count on when it comes to cats, it is their love of boxes. And while I know a dog or two who like boxes, they really are a cat thing. Luckily for the cat lovers of the world, it seems that Amazon understands this and wants to make your cat a happy camper.

In a new post from USA Today, we learned that Amazon has decided to make their shipping boxes a more crafty experience. It seems that this is all part of the companies efforts to be more environmentally friendly.

Speaking to the news outlet, Amazon revealed that these new crafty shipping “boxes can be turned into a rocket, car or fort for your pet, a robot costume or a mini-golf windmill.” And while it seems cats are the focus of the craft boxes, that doesn’t mean our pups wouldn’t enjoy a box fort of their own!

Amazon boxes can now transform into cat condos and more

As part of their newest program, “Less Packaging, More Smiles,” Amazon is looking to inspire their customers to recycle more. And one way they want to do this is to have people repurposing the boxes they receive in some way.

While a plain box is already a toy of sorts for cats, offering instructions to get crafty makes the box even more special (yes, I just called a cardboard box special!). So how do you get these crafting instructions? Well it seems that there will be a QR code on the specially marked boxes that will direct you to a website with all the instructions you need to create a cat condo and more.

Personally, we want to see Amazon come up with crafty instructions with our dogs in mind, but we will take the cat condo suggestion for now. Maybe they can create indoor dog houses with the boxes. I’m not really a crafter, so I have no idea what else you could make for pups with these boxes, but maybe someone will get creative and give Amazon some suggestions.

What do you think of Amazon offering crafting instructions to transform their boxes into cat condos and more? Will you be getting crafty with your boxes? Tell us what you think in the comments.