Picky cats can now enjoy BLUE Tastefuls to whet their appetites

BLUE Tastefuls Wet Cat Food. Image courtesy of Blue Buffalo
BLUE Tastefuls Wet Cat Food. Image courtesy of Blue Buffalo /

Are you looking for something new for your picky felines to enjoy? Do they hate their current cat food? You may want to give them BLUE Tastefuls, a culinary breakthrough from the people at Blue Buffalo.

When it comes to our feline friends, we know that there are some finicky eaters out there. I have known a few cats who have turned their nose up at any number of canned or dry foods. So when it comes to finding them a food they will actually eat (and enjoy), it can often feel like a challenge.

This is where BLUE Tastefuls comes it. This wet food from the people who make Blue Buffalo is a game changer. Not only is this a wet food made with real meats and other quality ingredients, but it is then taken to the next level with the help of essential vitamins and minerals.

As an added bonus to the nutritional benefits of this wet food, BLUE Tastefuls also comes in a nice variety of flavors so that your picky kitty won’t get bored. And it is not just the variety of flavors they have to choose from, but also the fact that they come in three unique textures (we are talking a choice of a smooth pate, flaked entree, or even tender morsels).

BLUE Tastefuls is the wet cat food that even the pickiest of kitty will enjoy

Under the pates your kitty can enjoy beef, salmon, chicken and more, while the flaked option gives them tuna, salmon, or chicken to enjoy. And then we have the tender morsels, which come in a choice of tuna or chicken.

It’s as much about the protein as it is the sauces with each of these foods. And considering we know a kitty or two who likes their wet food extra juicy, we are here for all of this.

Forget the corn and soy or chicken by-product. This is wet food that delivers quality and flavor. And if ever there was a time to try a new food for your felines, this would be it. After all, we know plenty of dogs who swear by Blue Buffalo, so why wouldn’t our kitties.

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What do you think of your cat giving BLUE Tastefuls a try? Is this a wet food your kitty will enjoy? Tell us in the comments below.