5 movies to watch on Netflix about Cats and Dogs right now

5 Netflix movies about cats and dogs to watch now

Are you looking for something fun to watch this weekend on Netflix? Are you looking for a movie featuring dogs and cats? Then we have you covered with these five movies that will leave you entertained right now.

While there are some movies that will pop up on must-watch lists repeatedly, others never seem to get any attention and love. And whether that’s because of the topic or the lack of promotion, we want to change things up.

After browsing through Netflix for something new to watch, I stumbled across some movies that I had never heard of before (one of the movies on this list is one we have all heard of, but the other four are a bit more obscure). And after giving each of these films a watch, I couldn’t resist sharing with everyone.

5 movies to watch about cats and dogs on Netflix now

5. Benji

Of course, I have to start off with the one movie that we have all probably heard of. Benji was released in 2018 and gives us an updated tale of a dog who helps rescue two children and a family already in pain. This movie is heartwarming and family friendly, making it perfect for movie night (no matter who is joining the fun).

4. Patrick

Looking for a cute rom-com type story? Love Pugs? Then you want to give Patrick on Netflix a watch. This movie is super cute and features a school teacher who ends up inheriting a Pug. With her personal life seemingly falling apart or at least going flat, this Pug is going to infuse her life with the magic that only a pup can bring.

3. A.X.L.

Sometimes you want something completely different. And A.X.L. definitely fits the bill. Not only is it an action packed science fiction movie, but it features a robotic dog trying to avoid being recaptured by the creator that is out to get him. He may not be a fluffy pup, but he is still a good boy looking for a new life.

2. A Whisker Away

If you are more of a cat lover and you love romance and animated movies, then you will definitely want to give A Whisker Away a watch. This Japanese story is all about a woman who falls in love and transforms into a cat to get close to her crush. It is a fascinating story and one that really captures the imagination.

1. Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit

Our final offering is more of a documentary series that is perfect for cat lovers. It is a look into the unique world of Cat Shows and the people who show their cats to be judged. Catwalk is a both charming and fascinating, making is the kind of unique watch that we never expected, but couldn’t help but get captivated by.

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If you are looking for something new and fun to watch, these five movies on Netflix may be just the answer. There is something for everyone and that includes the cat lovers among us. And if you have watched any of these movies already, tell us what you thought in the comments.

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