Ollie is the fresh dog food that is tailor-made for your pup

Ollie dog food. Image courtesy Ollie
Ollie dog food. Image courtesy Ollie /

Have you met Ollie yet? This fresh dog food brand is all about tailoring the food to your pup, because as they say, “one-size-fits-all isn’t enough.”

Earlier this year, we featured Ollie in a piece where we talked about the brand as a fresh dog food product. And while this is certainly true and still important, there is more to their story than that. In fact, this time we want to talk about why this product is one you and your pup will want to try (if you haven’t already).

With Ollie, you are getting a product that is tailored to your individual dog’s needs. What that means is that in order to get the right food for your pup, it is all about answering a short questionnaire that includes detailed information such as how much your pup weighs, what they are allergic to, and even what breed of pup they are.

All of this is important for the team at Ollie to come up with a food that works for your pup. Why is all this important? It is because, “each recipe is packed with vitamin-rich fruits, leafy-greens, root vegetables, and superfoods like cod liver oil and chia seeds that makes it easier for pets to absorb the ingredients’ natural health benefits.”

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Ollie is tailor-made for your pup so they can enjoy a delicious meal that is also healthy

Think of Ollie in terms of planning a diet for yourself. If you went to see a nutritionist, you would have to answer a series of questions and go over what you need for your individual health needs. From there, you would get a dietary plan that worked for you, taking into account all of your needs, wants, and specific health requirements.

The very same thing comes into play when it comes to putting together an Ollie plan. We are talking about coming up with a fresh dog food meal that your pup will not only love, but that will give them energy and more, whether they are younger or older.

We were pretty excited to learn about Ollie earlier this year and the more we learn, the more we love it. And we think you will too.

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Have you tried Ollie yet? If you have, what do you and your pup think? If not, are you going to? Tell us in the comments below.