Ollie is the fresh dog food your pup needs as they get older

Ollie fresh dog food. Image courtesy of Ollie
Ollie fresh dog food. Image courtesy of Ollie /

Looking for a new dog food to treat your pup right with? Then you may want to give Ollie, the fresh dog food, a try as your pup gets older.

Just because they may have been a puppy at the start of the pandemic, that doesn’t mean that they still are. And while we will always consider our dogs to be our babies, the reality is that as they get older, their dietary needs change. With the help of Ollie, we can give our pups what they want and need in a dog food.

There are a lot of foods for our dogs on the market. And while fresh dog food might be a relatively newer idea for some, it is actually a well-established way to feed our pups. So, it makes sense that when we are looking for the right dog food for our dogs, we would want to do our research.

When it comes to picking just the right product to meet our dog’s individual needs, Ollie has us covered. Not only do they offer a product made with human-grade food, but they actually require you to take a survey in order to pair your pup with the perfect food.

Ollie is the fresh dog food your pup needs for all their dietary needs

Every Ollie product is packed with superfoods, root veggies, leafy-greens, and fruits that are rich in vitamins. And if that’s not enough to convince you, how about the fact that you get your food pre-packaged and pre-portioned, tailored to your dog’s needs.

But that’s not all! The thing that we are a bit obsessed with is the fact that you get your dog’s food delivered to your door. That means that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to run to the store or feeling guilty about giving your pup a little bit less food until you are able to snag their wet or dry food.

We love that this is customized dog food that is also healthy and enriching. It means that we are caring for our dogs the right way, with intention. And of course, we love just how easy it is to get.

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Have you heard of Ollie before? Will you be giving this fresh dog food a try? Tell us in the comments below.