BIXBI launches a new line of affordable fresh meat dry dog food

Bixbi's new LIBERTY® Dry Dog Food. Image courtesy Bixbi
Bixbi's new LIBERTY® Dry Dog Food. Image courtesy Bixbi /

BIXBI launches new LIBERTY fresh meat dry dog food

BIXBI is offering our dogs a new fresh meat dry dog food under their new LIBERTY line. And with six different flavor options, our pups are being treated right. In fact, with both a collection of grain free recipes and ancient grain recipes, there is something special about these dog foods.

When it comes to feeding our pups, we are always looking for quality dog food. Recently, I learned about BIXBI and their lines of fresh meat dog foods. And now, they are giving us their newest offering, the LIBERTY Dry Dog Food featuring fresh meat.

In this new collection of dry dog foods, we are getting something for every pup. There are four Grain Free Recipes, including one that is specifically designed for small breeds. And then there are two Ancient Grain Recipes, each featuring quality meat products.

LIBERTY gives us quality ingredients in dry dog food

Made in the United States, this line of dry dog food from BIXBI always uses fresh meat instead of meal meals. This is an affordable line of food that comes in flavors that scream high quality.

Under the Grain Free Recipes there is Original, Beef, Small Breed Chicken, and Fisherman’s Catch. And the Ancient Grains Recipes are Game Bird Feast and Rancher’s Red. To learn more about these flavors check out our list here:

  • Original Recipe – This food is made with fresh trout, chicken and turkey.
  • Beef Recipe – This recipe is made relatively simply with fresh beef.
  • Small Breed Chicken Recipe – The small bites in this dry dog food is perfect for smaller breeds and is made with fresh chicken.
  • Fisherman’s Catch Recipe – The recipe for this food features fresh trout and gives your pup Omega Fatty Acids.
  • Game Bird Feast Recipe – This is an Ancient Grains recipe made with fresh duck, quail, and Turkey.
  • Rancher’s Red Recipe – Finally this is the second Ancient Grains food made with fresh goat, lamb, and beef.

Honestly, if you are looking for a new food to treat your pup right with, then this is definitely one you may want to try. From fresh ingredients to recipes that sound like they come right out of a high class restaurant, LIBERTY Dry Dog Food is our newest doggy obsession.

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What do you think of this new line of dog food from BIXBI? Have you tried fresh meat food for your dog? Will you consider this as an option to feed your pup? Tell us what you think of this new line in the comments.