Dog Food: BIXBI is giving our pups the fresh meat food they deserve

BIXBI’s RAWBBLE Dog Food - made with fresh meat instead of meat meals. Image Courtesy BIXBI
BIXBI’s RAWBBLE Dog Food - made with fresh meat instead of meat meals. Image Courtesy BIXBI /

BIXBI is the dog food brand that your pup deserves

Are you looking for a new dog food to not only feed your pup, but also that acts as a treat? Check out BIXBI, the fresh meat food that your pup will love.

When it comes to finding dog food that is not only good for our dogs, but also that they will actually want to eat, it can often feel like a challenge. Having had some pups who were definitely picky eaters, it can sometimes feel like they are never going to be satisfied with the food they are receiving. And while they may eventually eat what is given to them, it can feel like a struggle.

While there are a lot of options on the market for what to feed our dogs, there are clearly some brands and types of foods that are better than others. And with the help of BIXBI, we can give our pups a dog food that is made with the kind of quality ingredients they deserve.

BIXBI offers three formats of dog food in a variety of flavors

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BIXBI’s RAWBBLE comes in three varieties, a dry food, a wet food, and a freeze dried food choice. The dry food option is definitely the most affordable option of the three, and it is also perhaps the most convenient as well. Then there is the wet food, which helps give those picky eaters some moisture in their diet. Finally there is the freeze dried food, which offers raw nutrition in a more convenient solution.

What makes BIXBI’s RAWBBLE dog food so special is the fact that they choose to use fresh meat to produce their foods. Although meat meal is often the thing dog food is made with, it is said to be more of an animal waste product that can often be hard for our pups to digest.

As an added bonus for our pups, RAWBBLE comes in a variety of flavors as well, including chicken, beef, duck, lamb, pork, and turkey. And if you want to give your dogs a chance to try something new (and tasty), you can even snag BIXBI’s RAWBBLE dog food from either Amazon or Chewy!

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We love learning about different varieties of dog food, and BIXBI is definitely a new one for us. This definitely sounds like the type of food our picky eaters would enjoy, and hopefully yours will too.