Jinx dental chews keeping our dogs teeth clean and healthy

Exciting Meal Toppers and Dental Care for Pups from Jinx. Image courtesy Jinx
Exciting Meal Toppers and Dental Care for Pups from Jinx. Image courtesy Jinx /

While Jinx dog food is making a name for themselves in the direct-to-consumer market with their kibble and dog biscuits and other dog treats, they recently expanded their product line with the new Jinx dental chews, designed to keep our dogs’ teeth healthy and clean.

Since dogs’ dental health is highly important in keeping them healthy overall, providing a variety of benefits including increasing blood flow, removing plaque and decreasing tooth decay, it really isn’t that much of a surprise that Jinx would want to expand here as well, since putting the favorite dog first is what they’re all about.

The Jinx dental chews come in two sizes, Regular (8-count, for dogs 25 pounds and smaller) and Large (5-count, for dogs 25-75 pounds), and are available on the Jinx website at $10 for a 4.7 ounce bag, or $6 if you have a subscription.

The chews are bone-shaped and have a pleasantly grippy texture that feels a bit like what’s found on a basketball, so they are easy to hold in human fingers before we give our dogs the treats.

Jinx dental chews are here to keep our pups’ dental health in tip-top shape.

The ingredients consist, in total, of sweet potato, chicken, honey and peppermint oil, in that order. Because of the sweet potato base, there’s a slightly gel-like/Fruit Gushers stickiness in texture, and the honey and peppermint flavors are dominant when licked.

Staff dogs Labrador mix Captain, unknown breed Banjo and Lab/German Shepherd mix Emma were our taste testers for this, and they all chomped on the Large size chew. Emma scarfed hers down without hesitation, and Captain did the same with his, though Banjo was slightly suspicious at first. Once he discovered that it was a tasty treat, he also gnawed away with gusto, and everyone’s breath has vastly improved, while their teeth are noticeably whiter as well.

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Since healthy smiles are important for humans as well, they also have a collaborative bundle offered right now with the Pawfect Smile Bundle, consisting of two bags (one Regular, one Large) of Jinx dental chews and one container each of human toothpaste and mouthwash from Spotlight Oral Care for $35, a savings of $10 from retail price.

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