Jinx meal toppers review: Dog-approved fun treat for extra special days

Exciting Meal Toppers and Dental Care for Pups from Jinx. Image courtesy Jinx
Exciting Meal Toppers and Dental Care for Pups from Jinx. Image courtesy Jinx /

While Jinx makes excellent dog food and terrific dog biscuits and dog treats, they recently expanded their line of products to include Jinx meal toppers, so of course we had to review those as well.

The Jinx meal toppers come in two flavors, Chicken and Salmon, both of which are all-natural and freeze-dried so no refrigerator space is necessary.

Like all Jinx products, the ingredients list is short and to the point – Chicken contains chicken, chicken heart, chicken liver and a natural preservative, while Salmon consists of salmon and natural preservative.

Both are available on the Jinx website in a 3-ounce bag for $10 if purchased individually, $6 if part of a subscription, and are safe for dogs of all ages.

The new Jinx meal toppers are a hit with our resident canines.

The powdery texture goes well on a bowl of kibble, just like we humans add Parmesan cheese to spaghetti, and adds an extra kick of protein and omega-3 fats to keep our favorite dogs’ muscles strong and coat shiny and beautiful.

As a human, the smell is rather strong in both varieties, but they both are very enticing to canine thinking, so that works out.

Our taste testers this time around were Dog O’Day staff dogs Captain the Labrador mix, Banjo the vaguely-sighthoundish All-American Dog (aka breed unknown) and Emma the Lab/German Shepherd mix, who cover a nice spectrum as Captain and Banjo are indoor-only senior doggos (they’re both at least nine human years old), while Emma is a teenage mother (about one human year old) who mostly lives outdoors and is currently raising her first litter of puppies.

All three were huge fans of the Jinx meal toppers, as was editorial assistant cat Rags and the occasional outdoor cats, who also stole samples of the product.

While not strictly necessary, as it can be slightly messy to pour out, this is a fun additional treat for spoiling your doggo on their special day.

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