Jinx Peanut Butter and Blueberry dog biscuits review

Jinx Peanut Butter and Blueberry Dog Biscuits. Photo by Jinx.
Jinx Peanut Butter and Blueberry Dog Biscuits. Photo by Jinx. /

Jinx Peanut Butter and Blueberry dog biscuits are another amazing offering from the fairly-new dog food and treat brand, launching in January 21.

They are available in a five-ounce bag on the Jinx website for a one-time purchase of $10 or a subscriber price of $9.50, and Jinx dog food can be found on the Petco website.

The ingredients list, in full, reads as follows: oat flour, peanut butter, blueberries and chia seeds.

Blueberries contain vitamin C, while chia seeds are a source of protein and peanut butter offer healthy fats to keep coats shiny and clean.

While dogs do love the taste of peanut butter, make sure that if they’re eating some from the jar, be sure it doesn’t contain a chemical called xylitol.

Jinx Peanut Butter and Blueberry dog biscuits get our tails wagging.

Our resident taste testers this time were Dog O’Day staff dogs Banjo and Captain the mixed breeds of unknown heritage and Emma the Labrador/German Shepherd mix.

Banjo and Captain both loved the taste, while Emma didn’t really care for them. (She hasn’t been feeling well for the past few weeks, unrelated to the taste testing, so that may have had an effect on her opinion.)

This makes them not quite as pupular around here as the Jinx Pumpkin and Apple dog biscuits were, though they also have a nifty heart shape, which is fun.

From a human perspective, these dog biscuits use human-quality ingredients, and  a quick sample found them tasting like a very decent granola, with the flavors complimenting each other well. This makes sense, as blueberry can sometimes be used as a type of jelly, and PB&J sandwiches are nearly universally beloved. They also smell very good out of the package, which is another plus.

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