Jake from State Farm may have been an unlucky pup for a while but he finally found his furever home

Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there… for Jake the dog. Photo: NC Jake from State Farm. Image courtesy State Farm
Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there… for Jake the dog. Photo: NC Jake from State Farm. Image courtesy State Farm /

We all know the jingle. “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” And in the case of a dog named Jake from State Farm, he really was there – at the shelter four times!

After a string of bad luck, one pup has finally found their furever home and while his story is both tragic and inspiring, we are all about the feel good moments. So let me tell you all about Jake from State Farm.

After his original owner’s death, Jake ended up at the Burlington Animal Shelter. According to the Charlotte Observer, it seems that poor Jake from State Farm not only got returned by potential adopters, but two of the times he ended up back at the shelter were after the foster homes he was in had to send him back. Basically, this poor pup could not catch a break, and considering all of these returns happened in just a three month span, is it any wonder that he was considered an unlucky pup.

But when the insurance company themselves heard about Jake, they decided to step in and do whatever they could to help this pup find the home he deserved. And on March 23, two State Farm agents, Angela Swanger and Nicole Cockerham, presented the shelter with a check for $1500. That grant would not only cover medical costs, but it would also help the shelter to give adopters some much needed supplies for their new pups – leashes and bowls for example. So not only did they help Jake, they helped other shelter pups in need.

Jake from State Farm gets his happily ever after

Considering the string of bad luck that poor Jake seemed to be dealing with, the shelter was worried that he might never find a new home. And considering Jake is of the Bully Breeds, it makes sense since it seems like they have a harder time being adopted.

As part of their mission to help this pup, the State Farm team decided to really show off the pup. Not only did they dress him up in State Farm gear, but he got a special photo shoot and he quickly went viral on social media. (Is anyone surprised that once his story was out there that this cutie went viral?!)

With all of the attention that Jake from State Farm ended up garnering, is it any wonder that good news prevailed? That’s right, the once unlucky pup not only found a new home, but his new owner even brought Jake back to the shelter in order for him to meet the agents who helped him find his new home.

Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there… for Jake the dog. Photo: Jake and new owner. Image courtesy State Farm /

With National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day happening this month on April 30, along with National Dog Fighting Awareness Day on April 8, National Hug Your Dog Day on April 10, National Pet Day and Celebrate Shelter Pets Day on April 11, and World Veterinary Day on April 24, it just makes sense that we would want to shine a light on Jake’s story. He is not the only pup to have his luck turn around. And at the same time, there are plenty of other pups who continue to lead unlucky lives.

We want more pups to have the Jake from State Farm happy ending, and hopefully stories like this are inspiring. Maybe you’ll be able to find your next pup at a shelter and save another unlucky pup. Or maybe you already have found your furever pup. Either way, we hope that stories like this, with their happy endings, are what we see more of in 2021.

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Did you hear about Jake from State Farm and his string of bad luck before? Are you surprised by how State Farm stepped up to help not only Jake, but other pups in need? Do you have an adoption story you’d like to share? Let us know.