BarkBus: The mobile groomer helping special needs shelter dogs

Alberta SPCA (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
Alberta SPCA (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) /

BarkBus was founded back in 2017 just a few years ago, and it aims to create a contact and stress-free dog grooming experience right in the comfort of your own home (well, right outside of it, that is).

They take the groomer to you. If you can’t get out of the house, aren’t feeling well, but still wanna give your pet some love, BarkBus is here to save the day for anyone and everyone!

This mobile grooming service buses around the greater LA area, catering to any and all of your pup’s needs when it comes to grooming.

Beyond your neighborhood dogs, BarkBus also helps with grooming services to some shelter dogs in need as well!

One of the biggest rescue groups that they (BarkBus) works with is called Foxy and the Hound, which is a nonprofit that dedicates their life’s work to rescuing and rehabbing dogs that are injured, neglected, abused, or a little bit of all three.

How are they helping shelter dogs in need as well? They have decided to provide free grooming for any rescue pets that come their way. In fact, if you decided to work for BarkBus, there are some very strict (note the sarcasm with this one) onboarding tasks and instructions that you must follow. Every new employee spends an entire day bathing, grooming, playing with, and just overall supporting rescue dogs from Foxy and the Hound. Omg….how cute is that?!

If you’re looking to read/learn more about BarkBus, look no further! Or if you’re looking to learn more about Foxy and the Hound, and helping options, start here!

Help your dogs feel their best and get them a spiffy haircut, hairdo, or even just a nice ol’ bath! Also, consider taking a look at some of Foxy’s available dogs. I did, and let’s just say, in my mind, I now am a proud dog mom to fifteen new dogs, ranging from mere months old, to being well into their senior years!

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Let us know if there’s anything like this in your area! Also, aren’t shelter dogs just the cutest?! Comment down below your thoughts on BarkBus and Foxy and the Hound together!