Christmas 2020 goes well for the Dogs of Twitter

Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's family
Canadian Penny on adventures. Photos provided by Penny's family /

Christmas 2020 was a good one for Dog Twitter.

Christmas 2020 was a good one for the Dogs of Twitter, judging by a quick selection of their posts.

Since it’s become something of a holiday tradition here at Dog O’Day to give a social media snapshot of the day’s events, we’ll continue that with a look at how the Dogs of Twitter celebrated Christmas 2020 this year.

Since Dog Twitter is known as a place of kindness and community, it makes sense that it would be especially active over the holiday season, and lots of well-wishes would be sent across the internet throughout the US, Canada, England and elsewhere.

Bunsen the Science Dog and his little sister/lab assistant Beaker FINALLY got a Waffle Mountain, which was quickly devoured in totally pawesome fashion.

“Most mountains aren’t made of waffles, but when they are, it’s Christmas Magic,” they captioned the video.

Rookie the Batdog dressed pup as Santa Paws this year, and he’ll be ready to fetch bats again when baseball season arrives next summer, though his Trenton Thunder will be playing in a different league due to the recent reorganization of Minor League Baseball. Presumably his cousin Dash dressed as an elf, though we couldn’t confirm this.

Wilma the Snoopervisor and her cousin/best friend Nash had a card made to celebrate the holiday.

Wilma also made sure to wish her internet pals a merry Christmas and to send out a ton of gifts to her other cousins that they enjoyed quite a bit. And feeling extra generous, she even gave her cat sisters (even Mabel!) and the squirrels presents and well wishes.

One of those friends of Wilma’s is Penny Lane the Lawn Potato, who got a brand-new stuffed fren in Spud, which is pretty great if you ask us.

Up north, Canadian Penny‘s favorite gifts that she received were a Yankees chew toy, a Game Boy chew toy, a Canadian trivia board game and a pink sequined mermaid life jacket that she’ll get to use on the new pool that is coming in summertime.

She and her pawrents went exploring around downtown Ottawa earlier this week to look at all the pretty lights, which sounds like a nice time.

Over in England, Charlie Labrador and his new little brother Otis enjoyed a low-key holiday, as Mum baked a liver cake and didn’t force them to take stupid pictures wearing goofy outfits.

There were also a lot of special Christmas cards sent out across the Twittersphere even if the pups were too busy supervising the gift exchanges to be very active. and Sugar the Rat Terrier and her dad sent out a great pawliday card, as did their Nevada friends Sir Winston Da Doodle and Sir Oliver Da Doodle.

Bark-Andre Furry might have found some coal in his stocking, or at least spent some time in the penalty box, for this interference call on Santa Paws on Christmas Eve.

Enzo and Johnny the cats enjoyed attending a Dog Twitter Christmas party at the Furry Tails virtual bar earlier in the week that featured ham, cookies, eggnog, table tennis and fetch.

Baseball Poodle spend the pawlidays watching sports on TV, particularly NFL football.

If you still want to get some cooking done before New Year’s (though leftovers are amazing), we’ve collected a handful of dog-friendly treat recipes over the past couple days that might be fun to try.

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We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas 2020.