Hannah Shaw supports animal shelters for National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 14: Hannah Shaw attends the ASPCA Humane Awards Luncheon on November 14, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for the ASPCA)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 14: Hannah Shaw attends the ASPCA Humane Awards Luncheon on November 14, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for the ASPCA) /

It’s officially National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, and Hannah Shaw, the Kitten Lady, is showing her support for animal shelters and giving tips on how to save animals’ lives!

It’s official! This week, November 2 through November 6, is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, and we’re totally here for it! So is social media influencer and author Hannah Shaw, otherwise known as the Kitten Lady!

Now, more than ever, it’s pretty evident that animal shelters across the country and globe truly need our help! Due to the current state of the world and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, shelters are severely understaffed, left to care for hundreds and hundreds of animals, which in turn, can affect the quality and type of care that the animals get in general (yes, it’s affecting the pooches and kitties too, you guys; don’t forget about our furry companions)!

Make sure to, along with Hannah Shaw, show your support for animal shelters in celebration of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

In case you’re a bit unfamiliar with our star of the show here, Hannah Shaw is a resident Kitten Lady, huge animal shelter advocate, as well as a renowned kitten/cat rescuer! In honor and also in celebration of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, celebrating animal shelters across the world/country,

Shaw has written two books, Tiny but Mighty: Kitten Lady’s Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines and Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens. Shaw has offered some amazing tips & tricks on how to save the lives of kittens and cats that fill all of the shelters round you (very unfortunately), including the following:

  1. Preparing your home for an adopted/fostered (newly introduced) pets, whether they’re dogs or cats alike
  2. Selecting just the right per for your family and needs that go along with the decision(s)
  3. How to properly bottle-feed neonatal kittens (omg sounds adorably cute)
  4. Options on what to do/how to handle finding a stray cat or litter of kitten(s)
  5. How to support shelters nationwide through Royal Canin’s #ShelterShoutout contest

Now, here’s a little bit more on Royal Canin’s #ShelterShouout contest and how YOU can get involved locally to you as well!

"Royal Canin’s #ShelterShoutout Contest Invites Cat Owners to Submit Their Adoption and Animal Shelter Story in Celebration of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week Ten Finalists Will Each Receive a $500 Donation to the Shelter of Their Choice and One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive a One-Year Supply of Royal Canin Cat FoodThe Royal Canin #ShelterShoutOut invites kitten and cat owners to share a short essay highlighting their cat adoption story and nominate their favorite shelter to receive a financial donation. All participants will be allowed to enter beginning November 2, 2020, until November 15, 2020, at 11:59 PM ET. All submissions will be featured in a gallery on royalcanin.com/adopt. Public voting will begin on November 18, 2020, and end on November 30, 2020, at 11:59 PM ET.The campaign aims to help vulnerable pets and the people who love them, while delivering meaningful progress against its ambition to end pet homelessness. “Shelters are at the forefront of helping support pets in need and placing them in forever homes. Their work is critical in helping end pet homelessness, but this year has been strenuous on both bandwidth and resources than ever before,” said Tony Wild, Royal Canin Cat Acceleration Director. “Royal Canin is focused on our commitment to making the world a better place for pets. We are honored to launch our #ShelterShoutOut program as a way to aid shelters during a time of need and recognize the incredible work they do for pets each and every day.”"

In addition to their #ShelterShoutout, Royal Canin is also here to offer you (cat and kitten owners mostly and especially) on how to help/support your local shelters as well!

  • Found Cat: If the car is not sick or injured, don’t take it to the shelter straight away because chances are, the cat is not lost. His/her body condition will tend to be a good indicator as to if they know where to go from here. Remember: cat’s don’t use the sidewalk.
  • Found Kitten: If the litter you find is healthy, DO NOT separate them from their mommy, as a kitten’s true and best chance at survival is essentially with their mommies. Remember: kittens require overnight attention that shelters can’t offer; fostering a kitten is a true act of kindness, bravery, sacrifice and so much more love!
  • Volunteer: Donating your time at a shelter can be a fun and rewarding experience all in one!
  • Donate: First off, do only what you can! Give these “animal rescue heroes” the resources they need to help keep our sweet creatures safe and healthy (because one could be yours)!

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What are you doing to support National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week and local animal shelters to you? Join Hannah Shaw and show some love for our animals, dogs and cats alike, who may need a little extra love! Hug your pooches and kittens extra tight tonight! Woof, Meow!