Kate Bosworth and her dog promoting kindness

Kate Bosworth and her dog Happy are trying to make the world a little kinder.

Kate Bosworth and her dog Happy are working on making the world a kinder place.

This is being done by a new website called KIND.EST, which is described as a new lifestyle website that has been how the actress has been spending her quarantine time during the pandemic.

This news comes to us here at Dog O’Day from People Magazine.

“This is an online space I have been conceptualizing for some time,” Bosworth told People. “I wanted to create an authentic corner of the internet — a hand made destination, born from my desire to connect deeper, to explore further, to smile more, to be curious – through honesty and kindness.”

KIND.EST will highlight the stories of people striving to make the world a better place to live, so it sounds very similar to a human version of Dog Twitter. With the way things have been going in 2020, this sounds like an amazing idea will be encouraging.

Bosworth is probably best known for playing Lois Lane in the decidedly dog-unfriendly 2006 movie Superman Returns (though the reasons it fails dog lovers aren’t her character’s fault), and the lead female role of Rosalee in the 2004 Topher Grace romcom Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. She also played the teen version of Hayden Panettiere’s character in the 2000 sports classic Remember the Titans.

Kate Bosworth’s dog Happy, who is a 5-year-old French Spaniel/Picardy mix, has been by her side in assisting with this project keeping her spirits puplifted, since he was “born with a smile on his snout,” as she told People.

Happy is a very satisfied consumer of his new favorite dog food, Sundays for Dogs, which also counts actress Jamie Chung‘s dog Ewok among its happy customers.

Though Sundays dog food is a new brand, only debuting in August, they’ve already been working hard to making the world a better place, donating food to the Cincinnati SPCA.

Happy even grabs the box himself and opens it during mealtime, which is made somewhat easier by the convenient cereal box design of the packaging of the human-quality American-made kibble.

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We hope Kate Bosworth’s new project inspires the world to be a little kinder.