Sundays for Dogs brings healthy ease to dog food

Sundays: Air-Dried Food for Dogs. Image Courtesy Sundays
Sundays: Air-Dried Food for Dogs. Image Courtesy Sundays /

Sundays for Dogs brings health and convenience to dog food realm.

Sundays for Dogs is bringing health and convenience to the dog food market, as the direct-to-consumer brand has just launched as of Wednesday, August 12.

Created by veterinarian Dr. Tory Waxman and her husband Michael, Sundays is air-dried and non-refrigerated for maximum health benefits. which is human-grade in quality and contains over 90 percent fresh meat, organs and bones.

They see it as a good compromise between the convenience of typical kibble and the time-consuming hassle of cooking healthy meals for your pet

The Sundays team also includes Chief Tasting Officer Mabel, a terrier mix who was the runner-up at the 2018 and 2019 AKC National Championship dock diving events, and Assistant Lab Manager Schuyler, a hockey-hating Labrador rescue from Canada.

For more information about Sundays, see their website for more details.

Some of the ingredients used include USDA-certified beef (as well as beef hearts, liver and bones), quinoa, carrots, pumpkin and strawberries.

Sundays dog food comes in a super-convenient cereal box-type packaging for maximum ease of pouring for owners, and is available in either one-time purchases or on a subscription basis. For one-time purchases, a Regular 40-ounce box is $75, a Medium 72-ounce box is $111, and a Large 144-ounce box is $199. For subscription purchases, a Regular box is $59, a Medium box is $89 and a Large box is $159.

Among the customers leaving rave reviews is The Gifted’s Jamie Chung, who wrote that Sundays has cleared up Ewok’s itchy red spots. “Thank you for caring enough to make quality foods for pets!”

Sundays’ website also includes a massive comparison tool that evaluates over 3,000 popular blends from competing brands in the dog food market, including JinxPurina Pro Plan and Royal Canin.

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The company has already been making a difference as a donation partner of SPCA Cincinnati, and they can be followed on Twitter and Instagram at the handle @SundaysForDogs, and on Facebook at Sundays (their profile picture is the wordmark on a mustard background).

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