BarkBox wants to know what your dog’s new work from home title is

If you are looking to put a smile on your face, you need to be following the BarkBox Instagram account. And if you are, you’ll find your pup’s new work from home title.

Of all the dog related social media accounts we follow, BarkBox might be one of our favorites. And part of that is because of the fun they have with posting videos and memes. They share unique content, including their latest post which helps us determine exactly what kind of at home coworker they would be.

In a series of slides on their Instagram, BarkBox helps us determine what job title our furry friends would have. And honestly, some of these titles truly are quite respectable.

While the first slide is an intro, the second slide gets things started by using your pup’s birth month or gotcha month to determine what level of employee they may be. We are talking about titles such as “vice president,” “executive,” and “chief” to name a few.

Then we have our third (and final) slide which gives our pup their final task designation using the first letter of their name. And this is where the fun really happens, as our dogs get tasks such as “zoomie master,” “garbage investigator,” or even “face licker.”

I took a look at my two furry coworkers and according to BarkBox, my boy is an Executive Counter Surfer, while baby girl is an Intern Toy Defluffer. Now while I am not so sure about this counter surfer, I definitely agree with the toy defluffer (she really does love getting the stuffing out of her toys, especially the bigger ones).

If ever there was a time to figure out what role our pups are taking on business wise as we stay home to work, this is definitely it and we have BarkBox to thank for this bit of fun.

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What is your pup’s new job title? Do you agree with the title or do you think another title would be more fitting? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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