BarkBox offers their condolences following the death of Mr. Peanut

Planters Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Planters
Planters Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Planters /

Planters has eliminated Mr. Peanut in a shocking move leading up to the Super Bowl. And now BarkBox is saying goodby to the dapper legume.

In a shocking twist that has plenty of people talking on social media, it seems that Planters has killed off Mr. Peanut in the lead up to the Super Bowl. As Guilty Eats points out, this is all part of an ad for the Big Game that featured Mr. Peanut, Wesley Snipes, and Matt Walsh, and yet the news is that the dapper legume is truly gone. Now BarkBox is chiming in on the sad news with condolences of their own.

On Twitter, BarkBox pointed out that they were just getting over having their offices overrun by squirrels and getting back to business when they learned of this awful news. In their post, they say, “Just as we began to celebrate getting our page back from the squirrels, we were hit with the saddest news. Mr. Peanut was a selfless legume-man who gave the office pups peanut butter many a time, and his hourglass-shaped presence will be missed.”

Considering they just dealt with a takeover because squirrels were looking for nuts, this has to be especially shocking for the BarkBox crew. And if Mr. Peanut was giving the office pups peanut butter, then it will be even more of a loss.

We must say, this might be just what the Bark Shop needs to inspire their upcoming collections. Perhaps they can dedicate an entire box of treats and goodies to Mr. Peanut, or at the very least if one of their boxes is inspired by the recent nut fiasco in their office they can throw a Mr. Peanut toy in the mix in honor of the dapper legume.

Either way, it was nice to see BarkBox offering their condolences to Mr. Peanut in light of this recent tragedy. And hopefully the office pups find someone new to treat them to peanut butter.

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