BarkBox joined in on the Dolly Parton Challenge on Instagram

The Dolly Parton challenge has taken social media by storm, and even the pups over at BarkBox have gotten in on the fun with a new post on Instagram.

Have you seen or heard of the latest challenge to sweep social media – the Dolly Parton Challenge? If you’re not familiar with it, a person (or dog) shares a collage of four different pictures, with each picture representing a different social media or dating platform. Not only have many people taken part in this challenge, but so have a number of dog accounts, with BarkBox being the latest to share their own collage on Instagram.

For BarkBox’s entry into the “#DollyPartonChallenge,” the pup-friendly subscription service chose to offer pictures of a pup that represented LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. And if you need a giggle or two, this is the perfect way to make it happen.

Not only do we get to see a pup rocking a suit and tie, but in one picture, the pup is even showing off his Crocs while wearing a jean jacket. I mean, this dog is clearly the stylish sort.

However, it is definitely the Tinder picture that has us laughing out loud for real. From the backwards hat that covers the pup’s entire head to the sunglasses hanging off his shirt and the fish in his paws, this pup is ready for a date or two. It’s like BarkBox knew exactly what they were doing with this challenge!

Seriously, we are living for the different dogs of Instagram giving us their take on the Dolly Parton Challenge. After all, we see people posting these weird pictures all the time, but when it comes to dogs, they are much more demure and reserved about the pictures they share with us.

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Have you seen these Dolly Parton Challenge posts? Do you have a favorite? What do you think of BarkBox’s contribution to the challenge? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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