Dogs of Twitter celebrate Halloween 2019

Photo: Ovie the Bulldog.. Image Courtesy Michael Robertson
Photo: Ovie the Bulldog.. Image Courtesy Michael Robertson /

How did the dogs of Twitter celebrate Halloween 2019?

Halloween 2019 is over, and like their pals among the dogs of Instagram, the dogs of Twitter made sure to celebrate the holiday as well.

Some puppers went with fairly obvious choices with their Halloween costumes, while others dug deep into the well of creativity for their outfits.

Coconut Rice Bear the Samoyed dressed up as a bag of rice, which is appropriate, but not all that interesting.

She didn’t think so, either, so she hopped out as soon as she could.

Our friend Rookie the Batdog dressed up as Captain America, which is a 14/10 pretty hecking amazing costume in our opinion.

“I waited and waited…then they finally showed up. I gave out a lot of candy and everyone wanted to pet me,” Rookie wrote in the caption.

The New York Islanders’ team dogs Radar and Tori also went with the superheroic theme, as Radar was either Superman himself or Krypto the Superdog and Tori was Wonder Woman.

The coordination here was epic, especially as they’re both DC characters.

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Vegas Golden Knights superfan Sir Oliver Da Doodle went as his big brother Sir Winston Da Doodle for his first Halloween.

“I had the best time!” Sir Oliver wrote about trick or treating downtown.

Beyond the Flag contributor Mark Kristl’s Golden Retrievers Blu and Maizey got to see snow for the first time, which had to be very thoroughly (and joyfully) investigated.

Honestly, watching dogs frolic outside is one of the best parts of anyone’s day.

San Jose Sharks team dog Finn decided that a shark would be a fitting first Halloween costume. While we applaud his team spirit, it seems like he could have thought a little harder.

Minnesota Wild team dog Breezer would make an excellent addition to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, if they need another recruit.

Finally, the Dog of Thoughts of Dog did an admirable job of welcoming all the trick or treaters.

“I was told they can only take one, but that’s not my rule to enforce.”

We approve of this form of rule-breaking.

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What did you and your pup do this year?