2019 World Series: The best all-dog baseball rosters

Rookie the Batdog at work. Photo provided by Trenton Thunder.
Rookie the Batdog at work. Photo provided by Trenton Thunder. /
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Sir Winston Da Doodle
Friends Sir Winston Da Doodle and Bark-Andre Furry hanging out. Photo provided by the Arin family. /

While he’ll almost certainly be watching the 2019 World Series, Bark-Andre Furry has assembled a solid squad for his ideal baseball team.

Vegas Golden Knights superfan Bark-Andre Furry is known as the unofficial leader of the VGK dogs, a particularly large and appreciate branch of the social media hockey dog community.

But he’s also a big-time baseball fan, following the Boston Red Sox when it comes to the big leagues and often attending games of the Triple-A Las Vegas Aviators (much closer to home) during Wag Your Tail Wednesdays.

Given a lifetime of ardent sports fandom, Bark has put together the following roster for his ideal baseball team:

Pitcher:Whippet has to go here. The name says it all.

Catcher: We want a Bulldog here, since he can block the plate.

First baseman: The Great Dane, because he would have a great stretch.

Second baseman: No brainer – a Jack Russell Terrier goes here, because he loves dirt and can turn the double play. I wouldn’t ever tell him this, but my brother Deke would probably be my pick here.

Third baseman: Labrador Retriever, since they’re known for being ball hawks, and would seem to have a strong throwing arm.

Shortstop: Border Collie! They’re smart, can be a manager on the field, and have good herding skills.

Left fielder: The Golden Retriever goes here, There’s a short porch in Houston, he’d be good at coming in on balls.

Center fielder: Greyhound. Center field is a large area to patrol, and they cover a LOT of ground very quickly.

Right fielder: A Doberman Pinscher, since they are fast, agile, and would provide good arm strength.

DH: A Bullmastiff brings power to any part of the park.

Bark can be followed on Facebook at Bark-Andre Furry, and on Twitter and Instagram at the handle @BarkAndreFurry.

On now to our final team, assembled by Holland the Pup.