Dogs of Twitter celebrate the 2019 Fourth of July

Despite the fireworks, the dogs of Twitter had a good time during the 2019 Fourth of July.

Fireworks are still scary, but the 2019 Fourth of July was still a good one for the dogs of Twitter, who found a variety of ways to celebrate.

Some dogs dressed pup in costumes or patriotic accessories like sunglasses, bandannas or silly hats.

Many dogs found good coping strategies during the nighttime to deal with the the scary skybooms from the fireworks.

Let’s take a look of how some doggos celebrated.

Famed flower hunter Maggie the Labrador mix was celebrating her birthday and Gotcha Day together with the holiday, since she was adopted on July 5th. Since floofs are everyday, she decided to pose with some flags instead.

She’s celebrating her 12th birthday in human years, which makes her around 75 or so in dog years.

Maggie’s pal Sir Apollo not only wore his fanciest bandanna, he also posed with an American flag on the couch, devoured a delicious cake, and drew squiggles on the photo for extra effect.

Autism therapy dog Violet the Newfoundland figured it would be a great day for a walk – without a leash, thank you very much.

Social media celebrity Doug the Pug, who has hung out with singers like Billie Eilish and Hunter Hayes, and actors like Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse, wore his special sunglasses and chomped down on a yummy hot dog while watching the fireworks show from a safe distance away.

In California, a 6.something earthquake took over the news after hitting Kern County, in the Bakersfield area. It was the biggest quake in two decades.

At the University of Redlands campus, in the neighboring San Bernandino County, mascot Addie the Bulldog told Dog O’Day on Twitter that she “barely survived” the harrowing experience, but recovered enough to hit the pool later in the afternoon.

The boom could be heard all the way into Las Vegas, Nevada, as Snow reported. She kept the couch safely in place, though.

Sir Winston Da Doodle and his brother Sir Oliver went swimming with their Jack Russell Terrier pals Bark-Andre Furry and his new little brother Deke-Henri. It looked like fun.

Finally, one of Dog Twitter’s favorite models, Lena Pup Dachshund, was all safely wrapped up to feel safe from the fireworks at night in her anxiety vest and earmuffs. This outfit might also work for running in late fall and early winter.

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Did you do anything for the Fourth of July this year? How did your pup handle the fireworks in your area?