Billie Eilish got to spend time with celebrity pup Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug is a true celebrity in his own right and now it seems that he got to meet one of music’s hottest artists right now, Billie Eilish.

When it comes to canine celebrities, Doug the Pug might be one of the hottest around. From having his own line of products at Claire’s to spending time with Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse, this is one dog that really gets around. And now he is hanging out with one of music’s biggest names today, Billie Eilish.

Although Eilish released her debut album in 2017, it seems as if 2019 is truly the singer’s year. Not only did she end 2018 strong, but her latest album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? actually debuted on the Billboard 200, making it to the top of the list in multiple countries.

It is because of Billie Eilish’s popularity that it makes sense that we would see her spending time with Doug the Pug, as he just so happens to be the ultimate celebrity. On Twitter, our fabulous pug shared two pictures of himself hanging out with the singer, and it is everything we could have hoped for.

While we don’t know if these two were hanging out for a particular reason, we are living for this meet up anyway. Not only does it look like Eilish is having a good time with the adorable pup, but Doug the Pug is truly all about the fashion life.

In one of the pictures, we get to see Doug sitting next to a stuffed version of himself, which is already too cute for words. But then if you look at the outfit the famous pug is wearing, you can’t help but want to scream “YASSSS!,” as the pup is rocking a studded collar and a fabulous Louis Vuitton sweatshirt.

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We love Doug the Pug here at Dog O’Day and as fans of Billie Eilish too, we are loving this adorable meet up. Hopefully we find out what these two are up to and if a team up is in the works (and if it was just a cute hang out, we are okay with that too).